Hidden Trail Cameras In AZ Catch Migrant Flood

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Approximately 20 hidden cameras in Arizona catch proof of illegal immigrants evading capture through remote desert and mountain regions.

According to Fox News, the retired Arizona man who owns the cameras stated: “I’ve lived on the border for years and it was fine. Now they’ve overrun us. I am not a prejudiced person, but when you have the Border Patrol chasing people across your land you have to ask when is this going on.”

Apparently, these pipelines of illegal immigrants have been captured on his cameras over the past two years. The man wishes to remain anonymous for his own protection and to secure the location of his cameras.

Day and night, mostly single men in single file have climbed up mountains and through rivers heading north 10 to 50 miles past the actual Mexican border.

Most wear camouflage shirts and pants and carry backpacks that agents say are often filled with drugs. From the searing heat of August to freezing January temperatures, the migrants keep a fast pace and some fall behind. Some videos show migrants suddenly drop to the ground – presumably when they hear a car or someone approaching.

In one August 2021 video, the last migrant in line dragged a blanket to conceal tracks so Border Patrol trackers wouldn’t know how many were in the group.

Even Senator Lindsay Graham spoke on the issue regarding the illegal immigrant traffic in Arizona –

“99.9 percent of these people are not fleeing political persecution or religious persecution,” Graham said.

“They’re trying to find a better deal in America, and we can’t let everybody in the world use that as a reason to come to America. The [Border Patrol Sector] chief here is worried that what’s happening in Texas is coming to Arizona. It’s a game of whack-a-mole.”

Graham had even noted that most of the families and single adults (primarily men) arriving in Yuma, Arizona had better luggage than he did, and they were all dressed well.

“What the hell happened?” Graham asked. “You changed to Remain in Mexico policy. All the people coming here in the Yuma area, almost none are from Mexico or the Northern Triangle countries. They’re from Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Russia. So the general view in the world right now is that come to America, make asylum, claim you never leave.”

“Clearly, it’s not an economic condition anymore. It’s a chance to come to America and game the system. The Brazilian immigrants that I saw did not look economically deprived.”


I had identical thoughts upon viewing the footage of the Haitians that were in Texas, taking shelter underneath the bridge. They were all rosy-cheeked and crispy-clothed. They did not appear disheveled one bit. Obviously we don’t hope for anyone to be disheveled.

However, if you’re claiming that you’re fleeing persecution or economic disparity of some sort, it would be natural for your appearance to reflect that… especially within the narrative that the Democrats are stressing, where these people are supposedly traveling here on foot.

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