Released Security Footage From Inside US Capitol On January 6th

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Well, well, well… the footage has finally been released of the various people who calmly walked past SEVERAL officers, as they entered the US Capitol on January 6th. Just nonchalant AF.

They literally all look like a bunch of tourists being given a courtesy walkthrough.

Remember how the media spun January 6th, and continues to do so? Left-leaning media has fanned the flame on a false narrative that suggests these people were breaching an entry-way of the Capitol, calling it an insurrection, trying to get the public to believe that they were rioting and destroying everything in sight.

I’ve seen more violence during Black Friday sales.

All the while, race riots erupted across the country. News reporters would posture a “peaceful protest” with a backdrop of burning buildings.

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