Doocy Presses Psaki About Why Biden And First Lady Are Getting Away With Not Wearing Masks In Mask-Mandated DC Restaurant

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

While people are being fined when they simply “forget” to put their masks on, President Biden and his wife are off the hook.

White House Correspondent for Fox News, Peter Doocy, stated: “There is a mask requirement inside DC restaurants yet President Biden and the First Lady were not wearing masks while walking around a DC restaurant on Saturday. Why?”

Press Secretary Jen Psaki: “Well I think what you’re referring to is a photo of them walking out of a restaurant after they had eaten, masks in hand, where they had not put them back on yet. So I would say, of course, there are moments when we all don’t put the masks back on as quickly as we should.”

Psaki attempted to use this moment to push for vaccines and more requirements for “safety,” suggesting that we shouldn’t focus on “moments in time that don’t reflect overarching policy.”

Doocy swiftly replied with: “It was not just exiting the restaurant, though. He was walking through the restaurant with no mask on. There is a carve-out for people under two or people who are actively eating or drinking, so I’m just curious why the President was doing this.”

Psaki responded: “I think I just addressed it.”

According to this footage, the entire gang had time to put their masks on prior to walking through the restaurant. Sorry, Jen, I must have missed the BS excuse (yet again).

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