Amid Bad Jobs Report And Increasing Gas Prices, Jen Psaki Is Still Convinced That COVID Is “Front And Center On The Minds Of The American People”

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

I mean, that would be true if this were still the years 2020… we’re almost to 2022. People are ready to get back to normalcy and the COVID shenanigans are running ragged.

It’s a decent attempt at distracting the American people from the other fires the Biden Administration has been setting, even before the election.

The reporter said: “There are several challenges facing the WH right now, not just getting Democrats united on the President’s domestic agenda, but also skyrocketing gas prices, a bad jobs report last week. We’ve seen several issues, including the President’s poll numbers seem to be reflecting that. So how is he viewing all of these challenges that are facing the WH right now?”

Jen Psaki, after kissing her own a$$, responded with: “Well he, one, has an incredible team that is working on these issues at one time. His views, his responsibilities, to continue to forge ahead every day in to work to address the challenges the American people are facing. You didn’t mention COVID but that continues to be front and center on the minds of the American people. People want to return back to a version of normal. They want to go back to knowing that their kids are safe at school, that they can go to their workplaces, that they don’t have to fear for their safety in communities.”

Don’t you love how she had to brown-nose at the beginning of her response? Just a good ol’ spit-on-your-neck fantastic.

There’s a reason the reporter didn’t mention COVID …because COVID is, in fact, NOT front and center anymore.

The fact that football stadiums are PACKED across the country? Yeah, that’s everyone throwing up the middle finger to COVID.

These briefings have become nothing but political theatre and propaganda.

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