School Shooting Suspect Released After 24 Hours

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Timberview High School shooting suspect, Timothy Simpkins, was released on bail this past Thursday, just one day after he shot several students and a teacher.

Simpkins posted bond at Tarrant County Jail at a whopping $75,000.

Meanwhile, Kyle Rittenhouse is still locked up with a bond priced at (and perhaps well over) the cost of a life savings after video footage proves his effort at self defense.

Oh, and the “insurrectionists” from January 6th are being held in Federal custody still… all for walking around the Capitol.

Simpkins allegedly targeted the bullies that were harassing him at school. This means that he made a conscious decision to bring a weapon into a space that is not permitted to do so, with the intent to commit violence with a deadly weapon.

Additionally, I doubt he had enough foresight to be like ‘okay, I’m only going to injure them, NOT kill them.’

You could’ve just punched them in the face or even their nutsacks. But nope, you chose a deadly weapon against people who were completely unarmed. I thought the black community was against unarmed individuals being shot? Hmm.

The New York Post reported:

Civil rights attorney Kim T. Cole, who spoke on behalf of the family, blasted reporters outside the jail for portraying the dangerous incident as a “standard-issue school shooting.”

“There are numerous school shootings that have occurred across this country which are tragic. All school shootings are tragic,” Cole said.  “However, in this situation, this was not someone who was just out to go and shoot a school and had made up their mind [and said,] ‘You know hey I’m upset and I’m just going to shoot anyone I see.’”

“That was not the situation here. So I request the media correct their narrative with regard to what happened, and that you all respect the family’s privacy,” she continued.

A family spokeswoman has claimed that he acted out of self-defense after being robbed and targeted by bullies.

Okay cool, so the rule of thumb here is – you can shoot whoever you want, so long as they’re only injured. Then, and only then, will your consequences equate to a slap on the wrist.

Simpkins was charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

He is now placed on house arrest and is no longer allowed to possess a gun.
The Columbine shooters were bullied too.


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