Hunter Biden Raises Eyebrows After Selling “Art” For $500K And Psaki Refers The Press “To The Gallerist”

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Several reporters/journalists question White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki about the eyebrow-raising circumstance of Hunter Biden selling subpar “art” for hundreds of thousands of dollars…

Jen Psaki stated that she would “refer” them “to the gallerist.”

Way to throw the gallerist under the bus.

She said: “The gallerist has spoken too, we’ve spoken to the specifics that the gallerist has agreed to, and what recommendations were made.” Then she ends with a statement that she doesn’t have additional details.

What specifics?! WHAT RECOMMENDATIONS?! This chick gives me a skull cramp every damn time I listen to her “answer” questions.

A journalist even questioned the White House and any concerns they do or do not have regarding the photos of Hunter Biden at the gallery alongside prospective buyers. After Psaki attempts to shoo her away with a vague answer about being “pointed to the gallerist,” the journalist said, “What about the position of this White House? This is a president who ran on being transparent.”

Ahh yes, the sweet smell of money laundering.

No conflict of interest to see here, folks.

Elie Honig even appeared on CNN to state that, “This just looks terrible. The art experts that you mentioned made clear that there’s no way, if this person’s name was anything other than Biden, his art would be put on sale for hundreds of thousands of dollars. So it looks terrible for the White House and they’ve got a complicated ethics problem on their hands now.”

So you mean to tell me that even CNN can see through the bs but Jen Psaki is going to continue pretending like she’s blind to it?

Lemme help ya, Jen, you seem to have some schmutz in your eyes.

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