Hillary Clinton Announces Her ‘First Fiction’ Book

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton (better known as ‘the one who lost the election against Trump and can’t let it go’), announced that she wrote a book that is unlike anything she has ever written before.

She’s really doing everything she can to either 1) stay relevant or 2) produce new methods for money laundering.

Fox News reported:

“State of Terror” is described as a political thriller that seems to resemble a bit of Clinton’s resume.

The plot follows the appointment of a woman chosen as the secretary of state by a new president, who’s a “political enemy” of hers, and how a series of terrorist attacks prompt an “international chess game” involving countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran and even “the Russian mob.”

A friend of Hillary Clinton’s, a known mystery author by the name of Louise Penny, co-authored the book with Clinton.

I know what you’re thinking…

“Oh, Hillary, just because you pay people doesn’t mean they’re your friends. You silly goose, you.”

I mean, I feel whoever photoshopped their photo should be heavily compensated… well above whatever the damn publication costs. Now THAT must have been time consuming.

People on Twitter quickly fired shots at Clinton, but this one from RedState’s senior editor, Joe Cunningham is my personal favorite –

I mean, does it get more chef’s kiss than that?

But hey, if Clinton is just trying to raise money to afford her legal fees, then have at it.

I’ll even buy my own copy if the ending consists of her being thrown in prison.

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