11 Illegal Immigrants Found Locked In U-Haul Truck Near AZ-Mexico Border

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A U.S. citizen was caught driving human cargo in a U-Haul box truck, leaving no method of escape for any of the 11 illegal immigrants stuck inside, including a small child.

During an immigration stop, Douglas Station Border Patrol agents discovered the U-Haul box truck with the 11 migrants stuck inside, not far from Douglas, Arizona.

Tucson Sector Chief Patrol Agent Sabri Y. Dikman shared this tweet –

Apparently, the smuggling of illegal aliens happens quite frequently… at a financial price AND a physical price…

According to Breitbart:

In August, sheriff’s office deputies in Refugio County, Texas, found 34 migrants locked in the suffocating heat of a locked U-Haul truck approximately 180 miles north of the Texas-Mexico border. The “human cargo” included some unaccompanied minors.

Y’all couldn’t keep the bottom of the roll-up door cracked, even just a smidge?

Laredo Sector agents also found smugglers using a U-Haul, this time to smuggle 27 migrants in the scorching heat.

The inside of the truck was reportedly around 107 degrees. I don’t care how delicious the cookies smell, I ain’t crawling inside my oven to get closer to them.

In June, Big Bend Sector agents found 33 migrants locked in a U-Haul near Van Horn, Texas. At least 12 of the migrants had to be transported to a local hospital for heat-related illness.


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