Abortion Provider: “Abortion Saves Lives […] Abortion Is An Act Of Love”

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Sheesh, tell that to the baby. Oh, wait…

Regarding the new abortion law in Texas, an abortion provider actually stated: “It has made it extremely dangerous to be pregnant in Texas, where our maternal morbidity and mortality rate is already unconscionably high, especially for black women and pregnant people of color. Texas deserves better. I know firsthand that abortion saves lives. For the thousands of people I’ve cared for, abortion is a blessing, abortion is an act of love, abortion is freedom. We need federal protection now. We need laws that elevate science and evidence and recognize the dignity and autonomy of people accessing care.”

Anyone who says “pregnant people” immediately loses credibility, in my eyes.

I mean, she got the freedom part right… a freedom from your responsibility by punishing a child for your own actions.

In summary, all I heard was- “I was irresponsible in my decision making and now the consequences are inconvenient for me, so an innocent person needs to die so that I can be free of my consequences.”

Leftists shout FEMINISM, yet exclude the unborn females.

Leftists shout BLACK LIVES MATTER, yet go out of their way to pinpoint the need for black women to have access to further the genocide of unborn black babies.

Teaching the value of a family unit, encouraging/teaching the use of the MULTIPLE forms of contraceptives, and discontinuing the ongoing sexualization of… literally everything… are just a few ways that we can fight the battle against abortion. Oh, and teaching a woman her worth in a manner that doesn’t demonize men. That’s a big one.

Our country has a huge entitlement problem.

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