That “Build Back Better” Bill? Let’s Talk About It, Shall We?

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

There are two bills floating around, so I know it’s confusing, because Democrats just want to spend ALL OF OUR MONEY.

But this one?  It’s called the “Build Back Better” legislation. Nancy Pelosi said that it addresses the “full OBAMA agenda,” so at least we know who’s REALLY running the country. Those of us with firing synapses in our brains know that it’s not the senile, gaffe-machine they’re propping up on the daily.  Duh.

This horrifying, 2500-page monstrosity legislation was released last Saturday. You more than likely don’t know what’s in it, because they don’t WANT you to know. But it’s full-blown socialism, y’all.  Cradle-to-grave government control of your life, your children and grandchildren’s lives, and make no mistake – you’re going to pay. Yes, YOU, lower and middle class. Not just the rich who are going to “pay their fair share.”  But you.  You’ll pay in dollars and a loss of freedom.  Oh, you’ll pay alright.  Their $3.5 TRILLION (which is actually $5.5 TRILLION when you add it up) legislation is an America-changer.

Our Founders are rolling in their graves.

I know this may sting for some of you, but Democrats on the Hill don’t like you and they don’t want to take caaaaare of you. They say they’re for the “working class,” but these people don’t know what Actual Work looks like. They believe that you’re stupid and weak – which is why they put bills out such as this and say things like “we have to pass it to see what’s in it,” and then they rely on people’s naivete and their feeling of helplessness and the status quo to simply obtain more power.  This is why Nancy Pelosi has a $24,000 refrigerator and you’re working your ass off to make sure she can buy another one for another one of her homes.

Need I remind you that Nancy is YOUR employee.

But listen, if you don’t believe me about this socialist nightmare, feel free to read the 2500 pages.

Wake up, America. And God help us.

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