Major Flaw In New King County, WA Vaccine Mandate

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The radical left is facing quite a few conundrums of their own making, and they deserve to be called out for every single one. One of my favorites is the ID issue.

As states like Texas pass reform bills to secure future elections, we’ve been told that requiring ID to verify your identity when you vote is racist. How dare we expect a person to prove that they are who they say they are in order to effect lasting change on every level of governance in this nation. Because even the possibility of accused racism is perhaps the greatest of all sins to the radical left.

So what about requiring ID to verify your identity to buy alcohol, get a mortgage, open a bank account, fly on a plane, or the thousands of other situations that require identity verification in this country? Is that racist now, too? Must we eliminate all ID requirements because ID requirements are racist for voting?

You see, the radical left would love nothing more than to require proof of vaccination in order to vote. But they’ve just spent a year and a half trying to convince the country that ID for voting is racist and discriminatory. So they’ve tied their own hands. Not to mention that requiring vaccine papers to vote would very provably discriminate against black and brown Americans, who are statistically (and understandably) hesitant to take a minimally tested and only partially effective therapeutic drug. As much as radical leftists would like to really stick it to the conservatives who believe they shouldn’t be forced to be vaccinated, they can’t risk the potential accusation of racism by requiring identification that they already argued would discriminate.

King County, Washington, in the Big Blue city of Seattle, is facing this exact conundrum in real life right now.

The public health department just put out a notice that all King County residents 12 and up will be required to show their vaccine papers or provide a negative COVID test for pretty much any social interaction in the city. (Yes, they’ve roped the kids into it, which we knew they would as soon as they felt they could.)

But a closer look at the post reveals the hilarious conundrum.

A photo of a vaccine card is considered sufficient proof of vaccination.

But also, you don’t need to show identification with the picture of your vaccine card, because requiring ID to prove that you are who you say you are is racist, remember?

So really, a person could theoretically just download one of the many virtue signaling vaccine pictures that people have posted waving their new vaccine card, and present it as their own. And who’s to know that it isn’t a photo of their own vaccine card? Certainly not anyone in King County, because they aren’t required to verify your identity with ID. Because that’s racist.

Not that anyone would be so dishonest as to misrepresent themselves in order to participate in something they’re not supposed to, right? Kind of like with voting…

So the whole requirement is essentially meaningless because no part of it can be enforced or verified.

Not to mention the illogical situation that a vaccinated but COVID positive person could show their vaccine papers and walk right in, while an unvaccinated but COVID negative person could be denied entry.

It all kind of makes you wonder whether any of it is even about public health.

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