Biden Gets Bad News, Private Employers Say They Are Preparing To Sue Biden Admin Over Vaccine Mandate

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

After President Joe Biden announced his authoritarian mandate of vaccines for private companies that have 100 employees or more this past Thursday, various private employers have expressed their intent to sue Biden.

Not long ago, Biden was raving about the increase in employment rates across the nation… was he foreshadowing more crap he wants to screw up? I don’t want to give Slow Joe that much credit but c’mon.

Breitbart reported:

Fresh off of the heels of Biden’s announcement, Charlie Kirk and others made clear they will not force their employees to get vaccinated and threatened the administration with a lawsuit.

Angela Morabito, who is a Higher Education Fellow and Spokeswoman for Campus Reform, also took to Twitter to share her thoughts.

Others tweeted that the mandate may be unconstitutional and the order will not hold up once a civil case is brought before the United States court system.

So far, 26 states have vehemently oppose Biden’s commie mandate –

The people will revolt. Biden is everything the left said Trump was. Trump doesn’t look like such a dictator and fascist anymore now, does he? (So help me, God, if someone says he does… I will dropkick a b!tch with my broken foot, I don’t even care.)

Check out these other tidbits of commentary circulating Twitter –

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