The Truth About Our Comments Section – Big Tech Attacks Conservatives Once Again

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

So yeah.  You’ve probably noticed that our old commenting section has been replaced with a new one.  You also probably noticed that a commenting component was missing from our website for several days. We tried to respond to as many messages complaining about the lack of commenting ability as we could, given that we were left scrambling to search for an alternative!  Hopefully you’ve all gotten acclimated to the new system – it IS new, which means your old login/password may not work – but it’s super simple to set up a new one.

ANYWAY.  You wanna know why we had to switch?  Oh, we’re gonna tell you.  Up until about 10 days ago, we’d been using Spot.IM (now known as OpenWeb).  With approximately 87 seconds of notice, they totally disabled and removed the entire commenting platform from our site.  Here’s the notice they sent:

Hope you’re doing well.
I wanted to reach out as we’ve recently completed another round of audits for our Publisher Policy and found (your site) in violation of our policies. 
OpenWeb is terminating our platform services for (your site) on Friday, August 27. 

This decision was made as your site appears on at least one of the validated third-party indexes of false news and unreliable websites that we use to determine publisher quality.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

The OpenWeb Policy Team

So essentially, they decided that since some third party “fact checking” site has deemed our site as unreliable and/or false news, we can no longer have their commenting system.

There are about a zillion obvious things wrong with this, but let’s just start with the most obvious first.  WE ARE NOT A NEWS SITE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.  I don’t know how many times we need to say that or how much clearer we can make it.  We even have a notice at the top of each post that says, “THIS ARTICLE IS OPINION.”  The name of our site indicates that it’s run by chicks who are on the Right.  Like – how much more obvious do we need to make it that WE ARE SHARING COMMENTARY AND OPINIONS here.  We are not journalists.  We are not reporters. We are just regular chicks who like sharing our views about the latest goings-on in the world, with folks who are like-minded and enjoy the commentary.

But here’s the thing.  Do y’all remember when I basically lost my will to argue with the people at Newsguard?  If you don’t remember that, catch up right here, because it was Kind Of A Big Deal. I suspect it’s Newsguard that OpenWeb relies on to tell them which sites are worthy of hosting their commenting platform. I mean, I don’t know that for sure, but where there’s smoke…well, you know the thing.

OpenWeb has clearly gone full woke.  I mean, just look at the giant notice on their website.

Seriously?  Here’s an idea.  Just let people HAVE F*CKING CONVERSATIONS, you absolute commies.  It’s not up to you to “save” the way people talk to one another.  Holy mother of China.

So, OpenWeb didn’t just dismantle our comments without notice, y’all.  They also failed to provide a file of our historical data that contained the thousands of comments that y’all have contributed here.  POOF.  They’re gone.  They kept all of your email addresses, and we have no idea how they’ll be used.  They didn’t offer any examples of anything we posted that didn’t meet their impossible-to-determine standards.  They didn’t even tell us which “validated third party index” they used to blacklist us (although obviously, as I stated, I have my suspicions.)

We are up and running with a new platform called Insticator which seems to be working pretty well – hopefully y’all are finding it to be easy to use and similar enough that it’s as smooth a transition as can be, given the ridiculous circumstances.  We are living in truly weird times, aren’t we?  Who could have predicted that the ability we have to communicate with one another, converse with one another, and share viewpoints with one another would become so controlled by companies so dedicated to making sure we all think they way they do? They’re utterly un-American.

Anyway, so now you know.  🙂

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