San Francisco’s New Pilot Program Will Pay Criminals Not To Shoot People

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This is satire, right?…


San Francisco is rolling out a pilot program that will pay criminals not to shoot people.

Since it’s a pilot program, they’re going to start with 10 criminals that are deemed “high-risk.”

I’m guessing they’ll eventually offer the incentive to anyone with a violent criminal record if they deem the program a success.

According to Fox News:

San Francisco is rolling out a pilot program that will pay high-risk individuals to not shoot anyone as gun crimes tick up in the city.

“These small investments can transform the lives of individuals, but they can also transform communities,” Sheryl Davis, executive director of the Human Rights Commission, told Newsweek.

The Dream Keeper Fellowship will pay 10 individuals who are at high risk of being on either end of a shooting $300 each month to not be involved in such crimes.

The fellowship is being rolled out by the Human Rights Commission and Office of Economic and Workforce Development and is funded through the Dream Keeper Initiative, which is San Francisco’s program that works to redirect funding into the Black community. It will launch in October.

“It’s not necessarily as cut and dry as folks may think. It’s not as transactional as, ‘Here’s a few dollars so that you don’t do something bad,’ but it really is about how you help us improve public safety in the neighborhood,” Davis added.

Participants of the program will be paired with life coaches from the city’s Street Violence Intervention Program and will serve as “community ambassadors.” Participants are also eligible to receive an additional $200 per month through ways such as, working, going to school or being a mediator in potentially violent situations.

Payments are made in the form of gift cards and will be monitored, the San Francisco Examiner reported.

“As you become better, your community benefits from that,” Davis said.

This just sounds wrong on so many levels.

Tax dollars that are payed by law-abiding citizens will be used as a bribe so that criminals won’t want to be criminals anymore?

What if these criminals go back to shooting people? Will the money be taken back?

Since San Francisco has such a major shoplifting problem, do they want to start paying people not to steal stuff?

This is a slippery slope.

What about all of the citizens who’ve never shot anyone? What do they get?

I don’t think $300/month (and up to $500 depending on how well you do in the program) is going to make any difference in a criminal’s behavior. Not when you can go into any store in San Francisco and steal items that are worth 3x that amount without getting arrested.

If you went out every day for a month and stole items worth $950, then you would have almost $30,000 worth of stuff that you could resell. You could argue that the cops would give you a ticket that you would have to pay, but let’s be real. The cops don’t show up until you’re long gone (if they show up at all).

This is what Democrats do to their cities.

I’m sure the argument will be that shoplifting isn’t a violent crime.

Stay cool, San Francisco.

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