Silence From Feminists As Afghan Female Mayor Prepares For Death

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

I don’t need to keep writing about Afghanistan, because it will just anger me (more than I already am). But Daisy found this article, “Afghanistan Female Mayor Waiting for Taliban to ‘Kill Me’ With No Help Coming” and I just HAD to see what feminists were saying about it.

I instantly went to the Women’s March page on Facebook because SURELY they were dusting off the vagina hats, sewing on new sparkly fake pubes, and getting ready to hit the streets? Right? RIGHT?!?

Absolutely not. I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of losers and hypocrites than the celebrities and the loud mouth broads of the Women’s Marches sitting in silence right now. If there was ever a sign that they, as my favorite mentor used to say, “ain’t worth sh*t”, this is it.

I scrolled back through their posts. Not a peep. Today the Women’s March has posted about Mitch McConnell and the filibuster blocking free college, voting rights, equal pay, $15 minimum page, and climate action. Yesterday they posted about the dangerous misinformation behind the Rona, and about abortion laws in Indiana. They talked about how women have been decimated by the current crisis so everyone needs to support the infrastructure bill, but also women were 70% of job gains last month. The discrepancy between the two posts was not explained. They talked about the importance of Democrats holding firm and taxing the rich. They must have forgotten that most Democrat politicians have magically turned their five and six figure salaries into million dollar bank accounts, so I’m not sure that fight will gain much traction.

Alyssa Milano, resident unhinged shrew, I had to look up, because I just KNEW her a$$ posted something. Nope. Nada. This heifer is still over here posting about marching for women’s voting rights, [email protected]@ine inequality, #MeToo. She’s even showing her support for passports. Maybe no one sent her the new taking points yet?

She’s not the only celebrity who is silent. All the harpies and women’s rights groups are silent. Probably because they look like freaking idiots marching for American women’s rights to vote (which we already have…) one week, and the right for women not to be kidnapped, murdered, or burned for their choice of job, clothing, or education the next week. It simply doesn’t jive.

They’re right, it does make them look dumb. And they’re rather be hypocritical than admit to silliness, so they’ve reinforced the blinders and climbed into their hovels to hope this blows over so they can move on to more pressing issues. Like $20 billion in the infrastructure bill to advance Racial Equity and Environmental Justice. Yes that’s a real thing.

So while International Women of Courage (IWOC) Award recipient Zarifa Ghafari, female mayor of Afghanistan, sits in her home and literally waits to be murdered, the leaders of feminists voices in America are silently sitting in their homes waiting for a matter worthy of their attention.

Reason number #527 I refuse to identify as a feminist in this day and age. As Daisy said, at least Biden is senile. These women are just stupid and selfish. I regrets those years spent watching Milano in ‘Who’s The Boss’.

Are we really going, “yay for Kamala, no one liked her, she was unqualified and known for sleeping around, but she represents ethnic (which ethnicity varies by need) women and little girls everywhere!” and at the same time staying silent about women and girls being turned away from work, sold into marriages they didn’t consent to, and doors being barred to their schools?

The left is always talking about being on the right side of history. People are literally clinging to the side of planes as they take off and plunging to their deaths. And CNN is on the ground saying “They’re just chanting ‘Death to America’, but they seem friendly at the same time” (1:05). This is where any last shred of credibility on the left dies.

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