Check On Your Friends Who Served In Afghanistan

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Check on your friends who served or worked in Afghanistan. Some of them are not okay. This weekend’s news headlines range from: “Afghanistan war will spread beyond borders” to “Gen. Keane: Biden’s ill-conceived Afghanistan withdrawal now an embarrassing retreat”.

This 20 year war saw servicemen and women befriend the troops they trained, interpreters they worked with, and community members they provided medical care to, only to watch helplessly now as the Taliban overruns the area.

People missed the birth of their children while spending countless hours on the ground grappling for every inch of improvement there. They lost friends to IEDs and sustained serious injuries.

I don’t mean to say that our military members are sad. I’m sure some of them are, but most of the ones I know are super pissed. What a soup sandwich.

I’m going to be honest and anger a few people here…I hoped this would not be the outcome in Afghanistan, but signs showed that this would likely be the outcome in Afghanistan.

Democracy does not work everywhere. The Soviet Union fell in 1991. Stories around our family dinner table detail how Russians had no food, Muslims were ethnically cleansing the neighborhoods of non-Muslims. Neighbors reported neighbors for having American movies, they were arrested and never seen again.

Yet polls show that over the years anywhere between 57-66% of Russians lamented the fall of the Soviet Union. It is currently a democracy in name and an authoritarian oligarchy in practice. And we thought we were just going to roll up and hand the Afghans some democracy?

Not going to happen.

It’s an admirable goal, but I don’t want my politicians to be admirable speakers with a pipe dream. I want them to be educated, honest, and realistic. People who hope against reality make popular politicians, and crappy policy makers. They’re the equivalent of college student socialists praising the utopia of socialism while never living it, and apparently never learning much about it.

‘Scuse me sir. No one cares what you were hoping would happen, we care about your ability as a policy maker to recognize the world as it is, instead of as you want it to be. Policy should be consistent with reality, not with the hopes and dreams of people aiming to make the impossible happen.

We promised democracy. And now women in Afghanistan are being turned away at the doors to their schools and their jobs. You’re not allowed to go there anymore. Girls and women ages 15-45 are being turned over to be “married” to Taliban soldiers. Some are already married, but that’s a small inconvenience. Did anyone alert the rabid feminists, or is this simply not their fight? Afghans who helped us, and their family members, are being hunted and slaughtered while China has recognized the “leadership” of the Taliban and promised their financial support. Oh good, that’s definitely a promising partnership. I’m sure they’ll hold each other up to decent humanitarian standards.

It’s the same kind of twisted logic that keeps Trump banned from Twitter while the Taliban spokesperson can communicate freely there. The world is a crazy place. But that’s a topic for another day.

Afghanistan is a can that presidents have been kicking down the road since George W. Bush. Theorists have been elected to office time and time again instead of practitioners, and it’s genuinely wearing on my patience to constantly have nutless twats with shyte for brains running on utopian views. And as graveyards fill up, there are voting age Americans sitting around talking about how they like this politician, because he plays basketball. Or they like that politician, because she has big dreams and eats Mac N Cheese. You know who else has big dreams? Toddlers.

So we end up with President Ghani, who fled his country, and Slow Biden who is “on vacation” where there are no press conferences. Because, leadership. And still next election cycle the local Karen with the BLM bumper sticker, in her “Equality” t-shirt and “The future is female” hat, will be foaming at the mouth outside of some rally to oppose whatever candidate only supports legal immigration. Sigh.

I’m really starting to think we have the leadership we deserve.

Let’s ignore for a second that Hunter has lost ANOTHER laptop with evidence of sex parties with hookers and blow, because at this point that’s just expected. Or that Joe thinks we have more vaccinated individuals than actual U.S. citizens, those things will never be addressed, but the lack of leadership right now is absolutely astounding. I realize he didn’t get us into this predicament, but a magic eight-ball could do a better job handling the pressure and making decisions at this point.

So check on your friends who served. I don’t know about everyone else, but eyes are a little twitchy up in this household.

Watch a short video update of the situation on the ground there.

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