Please Welcome Regina Marston To The Wall Of Shame

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Holy crap, you guys.  If you’ve never heard of Regina George Marston before, first of all congratulations for being a normal human being and secondly, you’re in for a treat.

Regina Marston apparently ran a horrendously unsuccessful campaign in a bid to become a member of Congress from California (District 42) in 2020.  She has a bit of a history at being completely awful at using Twitter.  

She has learned approximately NOTHING from her previous Twitter meltdowns, and she’s one of those idiot leftists who doesn’t understand why Americans love freedom, and who lives in perpetual fear of Covid.  I came across her nonsense in my feed earlier today, and to my absolute delight, I quickly found myself the target of her 3rd grade level insults.  BEHOLD:

Regina was not down to clown with my retweet, and went straight into meltdown mode.

It should be pretty simple for her to avoid deadly germs if she follows her own advice and stays home, but I guess she hasn’t thought through her argument well enough.

Lots of folks began to tweet at her to let her know that they basically thought she was batsh*t, and so she decided to set her sights on her dissatisfaction with our website.

This was my favorite part.  After ripping on our website that she apparently had no problem at all finding, she then claimed she couldn’t find us on…google.

Yikes.  That was a serious self-own, bragging about how much she spent to lose her race, but whatever.  Plenty of folks sent her their own search results on google, and that’s when she decided to block us, but not without this amazing parting shot.

Anyway, you know you’re dealing with a leftist moron when they mock/misspell the word “freedom” – the cornerstone of America, and think that somehow they’ve won the argument.  Yikes.

Speaking of yikes, can someone please tell me what in the holy hell this is please and thank you.

Hope y’all are having a great weekend, even though our world continues to crumble under the absolute incompetence of the current administration which has just allowed Afghanistan to completely fall apart, and our culture devolves into total insanity (as evidenced by whatever that video above is).

Let’s all try to hang in there.



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