Psaki Tells Doocy That He Needs A Better Understanding About How Covid Positive Migrants Are Handled At The Border

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Reporter Peter Doocy from Fox News asked Jen Psaki: “About public health at the border, is the president concerned that migrants who are coming in, in great numbers, are not being tested for Covid at their first point of contact with border patrol?”

To which Psaki responded with: “Well, let me give you a little bit of an understanding of what actually happens when people come across the border…”

…which is a rather punchable way to start any answer to any question, but whatever.

Basically, she states that all migrants are provided with PPE from the moment they’re taken into custody and required to keep masks on at all times. If anyone shows signs of illness, then they’re taken in for appropriate treatment.

So, the short answer to Doocy’s question would be, “no, we don’t test any of the illegal immigrants that are crossing the borders, but all y’all legal folks need to take the stab.”

Meanwhile, the rest of us just have to be treated like we’re walking petri dishes containing a flesh eating disease, whether or not we show signs of illness.

Do I get a picture of the families my tax dollars are taking care of? My refrigerator is a little naked right now, and I think my unwilling charity should go recognized.

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