Opinion: Do Not Comply

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

We just got hit with the latest politicized version of “The Science” in the form of more absurd and unscientific CDC and government-recommended restrictions, specifically as pertains to mask-wearing for vaccinated American adults and children.

As the New York Post so aptly said,

“For months, the CDC has married a god-awful communications strategy with a determination to cater to the most irrational whims of the paranoid, triple-masking urban gentry: the whims of the archetypical Karen, in other words.

The on-again/off-again claims on masks and vaccination are just part of it. Tired of masks? Get vaccinated, they told us. Now they’re saying wear a mask, even if you’ve been vaccinated and even if you’re associating with others who’ve been vaccinated.

And there’s talk of more lockdowns, which a growing body of scientific evidence suggests were perfectly useless and downright harmful.”

My message to you is this:

Do not comply.

Do not comply with the unreasonable, unscientific, anti-freedom restrictions being arbitrarily forced upon you.

Do not cater to the ridiculous whims of our increasingly authoritarian government.

Do not submissively comply in the hopes of flying beneath the radar and avoiding uncomfortable social interactions.

Grow a pair and stop complying.

I don’t wear a mask.

My children never have and never will.

I have made an informed decision and have valid reasons for the choice I have made in this regard.

Don’t let fear of social disapproval dictate the choices you make concerning the best interest of your family, or overshadow your moral integrity and common sense.

Be brave enough to make your OWN decision.

If you’re vaccinated, the science behind vaccinations say that you’re protected, so act like it. Quit being afraid of the statistically minuscule possibility that you have of dying of COVID, and expecting everyone else to protect you from that minuscule possibility.

If you’re not vaccinated, that’s because you’ve made an informed decision not to receive the vaccines that are freely and easily accessible to you, thus you accept whatever risks you have determined that you may face. Quit expecting other people to take steps to protect you.

If you have children, trust the science. And the science says that children are at almost zero statistical risk of dying of COVID, and they are not a significant vector of transmission. Don’t force your kid to unnecessarily cover their face with an unsanitary and ineffective covering because whining adults are scared of a statistically unlikely death.

Children, and most adults, don’t wear proper masks to protect against COVID anyway, much less wear them according to official PPE guidelines for effectiveness. People touch their masks. They reuse dirty masks.

If masks worked, then they would have worked the first time. They don’t work. They are ineffective. So there’s really no point to go through this again.

As for the data, there is currently no data confirming whether the higher viral load in breakthrough cases is even infectious. They are just masters of carefully saying only as much as they need to in order to make you sufficiently fearful. They don’t need to be wholly honest and truthful, they just need to say things that are technically true. And if you don’t know the difference, all the better for the perpetuation of their narrative.

The science behind the CDC’s newest recommendations about breakthrough infections is based on a vaccine in India that isn’t even authorized for use in this country, was rejected by peer review and subsequently withdrawn, and compared viral loads between variants of the disease while making no mention of viral loads in unvaccinated individuals despite purporting to compare vaccinated to unvaccinated viral loads.

The CDC’s mask recommendations stem from “stunning findings” after the 4th of July weekend in Provincetown, Massachusetts where 882 cases of Covid can supposedly be linked to parties there. A whopping 7 people were hospitalized and zero people died. Zero. None. Muzzling the whole country based on that?

Now, I’m told by some that this advice to simply “not comply” is absurd. That’s not how it works, they say. You don’t simply refuse to comply, they tell me.

Imagine if someone had told that to the Sons of Liberty before they held a tea party in the Boston harbor.

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Imagine if someone had told that to Susan B Anthony before she cast her vote.

Imagine if someone had told that to Claudette Colvin and Rosa Parks before they chose their bus seats.

Imagine if someone had told that to Martin Luther King, Jr. before his marches and speeches.

When your government and society impose totalitarian restrictions with no clear scientific justification and no identifiable endpoint, you absolutely can and should refuse to comply.

For the sake of your future and the America we leave for our children, you must refuse to comply with unreasonable, dictatorial, and damaging social and government restrictions or practices.

If you continue to give them power over you, they will continue to wield that power. This will only stop when you make it stop by taking away their power

Do not comply.

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