It’s Official: Rand Paul’s Criminal Referral for Dr. Fauci Has Been Delivered To Dept. of Justice

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As we reported yesterday, Sen. Rand Paul announced that he is referring Dr. Anthony Fauci to the Department of Justice for criminal investigation because Fauci has allegedly lied to Congress.

Paul has now delivered on this promise.

Fauci has served as the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) as well as the chief medical advisor to the president. On Fox News, host Sean Hannity said, “You kicked off your questioning of Dr. Fauci emphasizing federal law makes lying to Congress a felony punishable by up to five years in prison. Is it your belief based on the evidence, senator, that he lied before Congress and broke the law?”

Paul responded, “Yes, and I will be sending a letter to the Department of Justice asking for a criminal referral because he has lied to Congress.” Video circulated online of Facui “literally shaking” as Paul confronted him with explosive allegations about past statements. Here are the clips:

Republican Senator Rand Paul has officially referred Dr. Anthony Fauci to the Department of Justice for criminal investigation and prosecution, Townhall reports.

In a written letter, Paul delivered the referral to Attorney General Merrick Garland on Wednesday afternoon.

Paul alleges that Fauci lied to Congress about funding dangerous gain-of-function research.

“Without question the evidence we presented in Committee yesterday shows that the NIH was funding research in Wuhan. We showed the exact numerical series of numbers that goes with the grant number, so yes they were funding the Wuhan lab,” Paul said. “The second question is whether or not the research was gain-of-function. The NIH actually defines gain-of-function, and I read that definition to him [Fauci] but he didn’t listen, the definition is that any kind of animal virus that occurs in nature that affects animals only or infects animals only if you recombine it or mutate it or adapt in a lab with other viruses so it has characteristics that change it to an animal only virus to being a virus that can now infect humans, that you’ve gained in function…you’ve made it more dangerous. Without question this is what happened in the Wuhan lab.”

“Dr. Fauci is not disinterested. If this virus came from the lab and it becomes clear he was funding dangerous research, moral culpability, responsibility attaches to him and he does not want that so he’s shirking that nut in so doing he’s not being honest with the American people and Congress,” Paul continued. “Right now Fauci is getting away with this because nobody is questioning him.”