“The View” Host Sunny Hostin Calls For Mandated ID Verification… For Social Media Accounts

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

“A verified ID should be required before you start a social media account,” Hostin concluded. “The reason people are trolling like this is because there are little to no consequences because of their anonymity.”
She actually said this with a straight face. On TV.
Let me get this straight.
She wants to require a verified ID in order to open a social media account because she believes people do bad things when they don’t have to verify their identity.
But I’m a vile and racist white supremacist if I want to require a verified ID in order to vote on the various leaders and laws that fundamentally shape our country’s future because I believe people do bad things when they don’t have to verify their identity.
Double standards are their only standards.
The show’s discussion stemmed from statements made by Idris Elba, an incredibly talented and well-liked actor, and racist attacks on social media platforms following the British Euro Cup loss.
Listen. I condemn racist attacks. On social media. In person. Against any and all demographics. All of them. Racism is cowardly. It is the coward’s way out when you don’t have a substantive and meaningful way to argue your case or back up your opinion.
How does she reconcile her own previous (and incredibly racist) sentiment that requiring ID verification is discriminatory because black Americans are incapable of obtaining their own ID without help from more capable authority figures?
Does she care that, by her own established standard on the subject, she would be racially discriminating against countless black Americans who would supposedly be unable to open social media accounts due to their inability to obtain IDs and have their identity verified?
To be very clear, I do not agree with this demeaning and racist sentiment. I believe that black Americans are incredibly intelligent, capable, and fully able to do anything they want to do, including, but certainly not limited to, obtaining an ID.
Also, isn’t she concerned that all the rural Americans wouldn’t be able to Xerox their IDs and their local Kinkos? Yeah, Kamala Harris literally tried to get us to believe that was a huge issue. As though rural Americans are too stupid to find a way to obtain a copy of their photo identification if they didn’t have a Kinkos on the corner to Xerox it. What year does Harris think it is, anyway?

Does Sunny Hostin hear how racist and hypocritical she is?
And why should a social media account be more carefully protected than our democracy?
The answer is, it shouldn’t be.
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