Biden White House Endures COVID Outbreak After Having Mocked The Trump WH For Being Reckless

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Former President Donald Trump was mocked by the democrats and the Biden team during the presidential campaign trail regarding alleged recklessness with coronavirus.

While Trump advocated that the public continue wearing masks, he rarely wore one himself. However, if I were in such a position of authority but didn’t believe the masks were effective myself, I would’ve acted similarly… considering the numbers of COVID deaths and severity are inflated – but that’s a talk for another time.

BUT. How the tables have turned, my friends – the Biden White House is now undergoing a COVID outbreak of their own… even those who are fully vaccinated! HMM INTERESTING!

Breitbart reported:

When Trump was diagnosed with coronavirus in September 2020, Biden said: “Quite frankly, I wasn’t surprised.”

He added that “anybody who contracts the virus by essentially saying, masks don’t matter, social distancing doesn’t matter, I think is responsible for what happens to them.”

Yes, yes, that’s generally how being an adult works. Thanks, pops.

Biden’s criticism was amplified by the establishment media, which called Trump “reckless” and “arrogant” after he contracted coronavirus, along with others who had been at the White House for events and meetings.

Alright Biden, what’s your excuse?

Vice President Kamala Harris was tested for coronavirus at Walter Reed hospital after she had met with the six Texas democrats who tested positive for COVID after their attempt to block legislation on ballot integrity. Karma, perhaps?

Let me get this straight – the democrats and Biden Administration suggest that people should be socially distancing, wearing their masks, and keeping travels to a minimum even after receiving the vaccine… while allowing a multitude of illegal immigrants, who are NOT vaccinated, to flood our borders…

Yet anyone who isn’t vaccinated is vilified. Cool.

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