Biden: “These 12 People Are Out There Giving Misinformation” And “Anyone Listening To It Is Getting Hurt By It.”

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Wow, Biden narrowed it down to 12 specific people, huh? It’s almost like he has an agenda for his censorship…

Aaaand let me guess – Tucker Carlson is towards the top? They keep censoring and suspending Donald Trump, so it can’t be him.

But, if you’ll do any sliver of research about the reality of COVID deaths, hospitalizations, and so on, you’ll find that the numbers being publicized are immensely inflated.


We are adults, for Christ sakes – be responsible with the information you come across instead of being spoon fed like a damn toddler.

As for the idiots? I say this all the time and I’m happy to say it again – Just take the warning labels off everything and let natural selection take its course. 

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