How Can Democrats LIE So Much??

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

I try not to write when I’m annoyed, because I ignore grammar in favor of run-on sentences that accurately represent my rage, and I have a hard time staying on topic when absolutely everything is stupid. But I’ve been annoyed all week. Seriously, my husband was like, is it “that time of the month”, or are you having a hard time at work, or are you being a psycho just for fun? So I figured it’s time to commiserate with my bros and let it all out.


Jesus doesn’t need to send a flood; we need dictionaries, constitutions, textbooks and holy water. People like Joe and Kamala annoy the every loving piss out of me, but they have always been stupid. They’re a little more condescending and self-righteous what with somehow being extreme morons and holding the two highest offices in the land. And I am occasionally surprised by their words and actions. Like, I didn’t think you could dig a bigger hole, but here you are hiring an excavator to make it to the next level. These two put the duh in dumb, but sadly there are American citizens who are right there with them, with not enough brain cells to rub together and cause a spark.

People didn’t just vote for these clowns, they continue to defend them online. The Joe Biden facebook account, which predictably has more laugh reacts on posts than likes, always has some fruit flies in the comments praising him. Even if I watched CNN all day because, I don’t know why anyone would do this unless they were actively seeking to destroy their IQ but whatever, some weirdos watch it…never would I see Joe Biden mumbling and ordering ice cream and be proud enough to boast on social media, “That’s my President!”

Kamala Harris is more likely to end up at the bar of On The Border restaurant than at the border crisis. She thinks black folks are hopping into our hot tub time machines to make photocopies of our IDs at Kinkos, a chain that hasn’t been around for over a decade, only to have trouble operating a Xerox machine. That’s IF we’re lucky enough to find one out in the rural wilderness. Next thing you know she’ll be telling us how citizens of Cuba, a thriving communist stronghold somewhere near California, are rioting in the streets because their government isn’t handing out enough face masks.

Between her and Joe – black people can’t use the internet – Biden, I really can’t believe anyone voted for these morons. This is not new stupidity. They’ve both been elitist idiots for quite some time now. It’s why Kamala Harris didn’t get past the first step of the primaries. If you’re not good enough to be President, you should definitely be Vice-President though. Democrat logic.

Psaki recently said at a press conference that Republicans want to defund the police. Are you taking Joe Biden’s meds?? What the hell. She said Joe won on a platform of boosting funding for law enforcement after Republicans spent decades trying to cut funding…

The reasons on record for not supporting the American Rescue Plan have to do with Republicans citing government overreach in the name of virus relief and various pet projects being thrown in. No single Republican has gone on record supporting the defunding the police like Democrats have. But Psaki says actions speak louder than words, so we’re now the party of trying to defund the police, because she knows how to read between the lines. Like a red-headed Rain Man.

That’s in addition to us Republicans somehow perpetuating the “greatest threat to our Democracy since the Civil War” with voter reform. Like white supremacy was the “greatest threat facing America” as of last month, and the breach of the Capitol building was the “worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War”.

I’m sensing a trend here. Lie. Enrage. Repeat.

Joe Biden would have you believe that we’re living in end times. But perhaps that’s how Democrats get their votes. In fact, I’m sure of it. There’s not a single Democrat agenda that doesn’t have fire and brimstone behind it these days. Green New Deal, because YOU FINNA DIE! Face coverings and shots, because HOW ELSE CAN WE HAVE FREEDOM! Social media posts are dangerous, REPORT YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO THE FBI! And on and on over absolutely everything. One thing is for sure, they certainly don’t half-ass their views.

Y’all. Do not let these people pull this crap over on you. 

You’re not racist because Joe Biden said a bill that he hasn’t read and that none of his supporters have read is somehow about Civil Rights. That’s just not even close to the realm of reality. Let Joe talk shiz in the ice cream parlor while they offer him a picture menu (fact check – DID happen), while you start posting bullet points from the actual bills online.

I’m not saying we can save the left with facts, some of them are simply too far gone. But they’re also irrational enough that when they can’t call you a racist or ignore your factual data their heads are going to explode. And that’s a form of winning all on its own.

How can Democrats get away with lying so much? Because their supporters are either stupid and/or brainwashed, and Republicans don’t call them on it. CALL THEM ON IT! You guys have to be as sick of it as I am. Most of our elected representatives won’t hold their feet to the fire, we know this, so we have to be the ones to do it.

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