Biden Administration Says ‘Rising COVID Cases/Deaths’ Are To Blame For Cuban Anti-Communist Protests

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The instant straight-face that practically took over my entire body is unreal. At this point, if I want a modeling gig with that angry smolder look, all I’d need is for the photographer to show me clips of Biden just… being Biden.

Cuba is protesting against the Communist regime and President Joe Biden addressed these protests in the most leftist way possible – by blaming it on COVID and shortages in medicine.

That’s like when someone says “shut up” and someone responds with ‘shhhhh.’ Like, what? That’s regressing with passive aggressive BS. Just go straight to F you. However, Biden is on another planet altogether, so you can’t expect much.

Now, medicine and food shortages are what TRIGGERED the protests, which is an important distinction, as it is a direct correlation to the consequences of communism. Therefore, Biden needs to stop ignoring the root causes. Kamala Harris likes to voice how we should get to the root causes of issues, right?

Breitbart reported:

On Sunday, protests broke out in Havana and several other Cuban cities, during which people chanted “Freedom!” and “Down with the dictatorship!” while marching against Communist Party institutions.

The New York Times noted that while the demonstrations were triggered by “food and medicine shortages,” they also “openly protested against the Communist government” for the first time in nearly 30 years.

Some activists called it the largest spontaneous popular protest since Fidel Castro took power in 1959, with protesters openly denouncing the regime of Miguel Diaz-Canel.

I have a theory, as do many of my conservative friends, that COVID has been nothing but a multi-faceted ploy to shift American freedom into socialism/communism.

Socialized medicine and goods DOESN’T WORK.

The American freedom is inspiring to countries that are under a Communist regime. Look at this –

Yet our own people burn the American flag and face away from it in disgust during sporting events.

We have American citizens who act like spoiled, entitled brats who have never been told ‘no’ in their entire lives. I can’t tell you how many street interviews I’ve watched on YouTube, across a plethora of channels and interviewers, where people state America is not the greatest country in the world and that we should be taking pointers from other countries.

Like Louis CK said, you could be a poverty-stricken American and still have more than the average Canadian. He said a derivative of that, but he’s certainly not wrong.

It could also be an effort to defend the Obama administration’s “normalization” policy toward Cuba, in which then-Vice President Biden participated, which restored full diplomatic relations with the regime but failed to demand democratic reforms or progress on human rights.

The Biden Administration never mentioned the Cuban desire for freedom and democracy being expressed in these protests. But he’s supposedly for the people, right?

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