Y’all Need To See This Awesome Video That RIPS TO SHREDS The ‘Science’ We’ve Been Fed About The Climate.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

I’m mostly posting this so I know where to find this video from heretofore and forthwith, because I was talking about it to my parents this week and COULD NOT FIND IT when I wanted to show it to them, and now that I’m sitting in the airport with time on my hands, I found it, and I rewatched it, and now I want ALL Y’ALL to watch it and then forward it to everyone you know who Actually Thinks that the nonsense we’re fed by the climate alarmists of the world is accurate.


I mean, if you’re a normal person with an Actual Brain, this 12+ minutes should infuriate you.  You should be infuriated at this blatant attempt – this COORDINATED blatant attempt – to manipulate you.  It’s vile.

So share it.  Be AWAKE, not woke.

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