Biden Admin Launches “Strike Forces” And “Door-To-Door Outreach” In “Targeted” Efforts To Vaccinate All Americans

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

My grandmother has always said, “When someone shows you who they really are, believe them the first time.” What she meant was, quit making excuses when a person shows you their true colors or intentions, because eventually you’ll have to face the cold hard facts about who they really are. And you might as well come to terms with it now so you can avoid significant struggle before finally acknowledging the truth sometime in the future. She was referencing an abusive husband. But it’s also true of Presidents.

When Joe Biden showed us that he’s a vile racist, we should have believed him.

When Joe Biden showed us that he was losing touch with reality, we should have believed him.

Now, when the Biden Administration says they’re planning “targeted community by community door-to-door outreach to get remaining Americans vaccinated,” we should believe them.

When they say they are initiating “strike forces” to vaccinate people, we should believe them.

This is some pretty intense language. And you know what I say about language manipulation being an incredibly powerful weapon. These words were not chosen at random. These aren’t metaphors. They chose these words specifically.

They literally intend to deploy “strike forces” to communities and individual homes to “target” Americans who have chosen not to be vaccinated.

If you’re dismissing this rhetoric, then you’re making excuses so you don’t have to believe them. You’re choosing not to believe them when they show you who they really are.

You know what this sounds like to me? It sounds like the Nazis employing strike forces to go door-to-door targeting Jews in their homes.

What happens when they come the door of an unvaccinated individual who explains that they have on interest in having a COVID vaccine administered to them. What will the “strike force” do? Will they put the person on a list? Will they be targeted in future efforts? Will they be labeled as dangerous or an extremist? I’m honestly curious.

You know what else about all this struck me as kind of odd? They are spending billions of dollars on informational and promotional ads for these vaccines. They are spending countless man hours spreading the word and hyping the vaccine. They are collaborating with numerous celebrities and employing ridiculous “rewards” in an effort to entice people to get vaccinated. If it was really that safe, that effective, and that beneficial, seems like maybe you wouldn’t need a massive wide scale propaganda campaign to convince people that they actually want it, right?

Additionally, imagine if they cared this much about, say, getting IDs for all the minority people that they apparently believe aren’t capable of getting their own IDs. What if they launched a similar campaign with billions of dollars worth of media ads; celebrity endorsements and promotions; lottery and other consumer product prizes; and targeted door-to-door strike forces to get everyone an ID.

Imagine if they cared this much about discouraging the historic violent crime in minority communities.

Imagine if they cared this much about combating the opioid and drug crisis that, in certain places across the nation, claimed more lives than COVID.

Imagine if they cared this much about any number of other major issues that would be universally beneficial and not just a political tool.

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Instead, they’ve decided to focus their time, money, and attention on forcing everyone to get a vaccine that, despite their insistence, may not be the right decision for everyone. People who choose not to receive a COVID vaccine have valid reasons behind their decision, including valid scientific concerns. And while some may not agree with their decision not to be vaccinated, we are immensely blessed that it is still their decision to make.

Regardless, the language used by the Biden Administration on this subject is really concerning to me. While perpetual Biden excuse-makers will shrug it off as “just expressions” or “just figures of speech,” I am incredibly wary of someone who says they will be coming door-to-door to target me with a strike force intended to get me to do something I may not choose to do. I feel like we should believe them the first time rather than making excuses for what they said and why this kind of violent language isn’t a big deal.

It is a big deal. They chose this language for a reason.