Lori Lightfoot Says Criticism of Her Leadership Is Due To “Racism and Sexism”

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Ah, yes. Anyone who dares to criticize Lori Lightfoot is either racist, sexist, or a little bit of both.

She forgot homophobic…

We have to stop letting our leaders get away with these dumbass declarations.

Lori, maybe it has nothing to do with any of these arguments. Maybe people criticize you because you’re not actually capable of leading Chicago.

She’ll never stop making these unfounded and idiotic claims because that would require her to actually admit that she sucks at her job.

Fat chance of that…

It’s a good example of Democrat privilege. Can you imagine if a Republican leader said that in response to criticism of their leadership? They’d be laughed into retirement.

The Daily Wire had this to say:

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot claimed, on Tuesday night, that the intense criticism, leveled at her office over Chicago’s spiking gun violence, is the result of “racism and sexism” and not her lack of leadership.

“The mayor made the comment during an interview on [Chicago’s PBS affiliate, WTTW] after being asked about questions people have raised over temperament and how she reacts to criticism. The mayor has been known to be tough on staff and confrontational with critics, contributing to significant staff turnover,” the Chicago Tribune reported.

WTTW asked Lightfoot how much of the criticism she’s received over the skyrocketing crime rate has been the result of racism and sexism and she quickly answered, “about 99%.”

“Look at my predecessors. Did people say that Rich Daley held tea sessions with people that he (disagreed with)? Rahm Emanuel was a polite guy who was a uniter? No,” Lightfoot told the network. “Women and people of color are always held to a different standard. I understand that, I’ve known that my whole life.”

Lightfoot also claimed crime is down — an assertion she’s repeated several times this week, though it does not appear the statistics line up with her own assessment.