Joy Reid “Hosts” Christopher Rufo

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Well, Joy Reid had Christopher Rufo on her show last night…

After forcing myself to watch the full 9-minute video, my biggest takeaway is that Reid needs to pick up a book on hosting etiquette. She couldn’t make it longer than 30-seconds without interrupting Rufo (which is what I expected if this “interview” ever materialized). Her show didn’t even give him the courtesy of putting his name on the banner. He was instead referred to as “Critical Race Theory Opponent.”

Reid said that Critical Race Theory as Rufo describes it does not exist. She explains that CRT should instead stand for Christopher Rufo Theory because all it represents is “things that annoy white conservatives” under the guise of Critical Race Theory.

Haha. She made a funny.

Reid also explained to Rufo that Ibram X Kendi and Robin DiAngelo are NOT critical race theorists.

Here’s the full interview. Watch at your own risk.