Congressional Black Caucus Blocking Black Conservative From Membership

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Can you imagine anything as racist as making an exclusive political organization that only allows people of a certain race, and then actively excluding a person of that very race because they don’t conform to your ideas or serve your political agenda?

Sounds ridiculously racist, right? Like wow, if we’re trying to rid America of systemic racism, this should be right up at the top of the list, right?

Turns out that’s exactly what’s going on over at the Congressional Black Caucus.

I wish I was joking.

BuzzFeed actually reported the story, if you can believe it. According to their report, Republican Representative Byron Donalds of Florida is actively trying to join the organization.

The Buzzfeed article specifically says,

“The Congressional Black Caucus is blocking membership to Rep. Byron Donalds, a Republican from Florida who has tried to join the organization, a source familiar with the CBC’s plans told BuzzFeed News.”

Donalds’ aide told them,

“Congressman Donalds has expressed interest in joining the CBC, but has yet to receive an official invitation. If given, he’d gladly accept.”

He was elected in November, and other newly elected Democrat officials were inducted into the Caucus six months ago. But Rep. Donalds has been conspicuously excluded. He is, after all, a black man in congress, so he should theoretically fit right in with the Congressional Black Caucus.

But the Caucus, which is currently composed entirely of Democrats, doesn’t agree. Perhaps they instead agree with Joe Biden that since he didn’t know he was ‘supposed’ to vote Democrat, then he “ain’t black.” Apparently, he isn’t the right kind of black congressional representative, if you can even believe that kind of vile racism.

BuzzFeed News stated that a source familiar with the Congressional Black Caucus’ plans told them that the Caucus is blocking membership to Rep. Donalds. Apparently, Donalds has talked to at least 3 group members with no response, and is unlikely to receive a response at this point, a quarter of the way through the 117th Congress.

Once again, the Democrat party proves that race only matters to them insomuch as it gives them power.

Apparently, not all black lives actually matter to Democrats. Only the black lives that agree with their politics and serve their political purpose.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is some of the most vile racism taking place in America today.