We Are Due For A New Wall Of Shame Entry, Y’all. Welcome Karen. (And Yes, That’s Really Her Name.)

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I feel bad for nice Karens, you guys.  Seriously.  They get a bad rap for no reason, just because the name “Karen” has become synonymous with bitchy white women who are always wanting to complain and/or see a manager.  There are plenty of nice Karens who would never BE those kinds of Karens.  But the great thing about the nice Karens is that they typically have a good sense of humor and don’t take the Karen stereotype personally.  Those are the BEST Karens – the ones who recognize the Karen meme for what it is, don’t take it personally, and laugh it off.

However, there are also legit awful Karens.  Like the Karen who showed up in our FB comments on our video yesterday.  For those of you who’ve been around here a while, or even if you are a newbie to the Chicks, if you’ve spent even the teeny tiniest bit of time watching our morning videos, you have probably figured out that I’m a relentlessly cheerful person.  RELENTLESS.  I’m also a relentless giggler.

How often do I laugh?  Our oldtimers will know exactly how to answer that question.

Anyway – I’m a giggler.  Throughout our days on the air, on video, in life  – people have been very polarized in terms of their opinion about my giggle.  Either folks love it or hate it.  I’m good with that.  I have no intention of dialing down my joy, so I figure if people don’t like it, they can simply just not listen or watch.  Problem solved.

But Karen, like so many people before her, decided that she needed me to know her opinion of my laughter.  And she needed me to know about her displeasure with Daisy’s current video location.  Karen commented a couple times during the video yesterday, and I saw it in real time, made mention of it as it happened, and then included it in our discussion in today’s video about an email we received from a dude named Whit who ALSO wanted us to know that he wasn’t satisfied with the way we do our videos.

I will never understand people’s need to tell us how to do our videos.  STOP TRYING TO TELL US WHAT TO DO.

ANYWAY, here were her comments in our FB feed (these came after her initial comment which I didn’t screenshot but which you’ll see in just a bit in our email exchange).  People rallied to my defense, because our regulars are like the BEST PEOPLE EVER, and clearly Karen felt a bit ganged up on:


There are some who KNOW SOME THINGS, you guys.  Take it from Karen.  We should definitely change up our living locations and lighting and laughter frequency for the ALL KNOWING KARENS.

So, you guys know us well enough by now to know that if you’re gonna keep coming to our FB house to bitch about us IN our FB house, we’re gonna…you know…rid our house of you.

Which is what I did.

Karen didn’t like that.  And predictably, even though Karen was ostensibly unable to cope with my joy and laughter, she tuned in to today’s video this morning too.  Amazing!

Here’s the email I got from her (copied and pasted so I take no responsibility for how crappy of a writer she is):

Hello Mock ~ a chick on the right? Really?

I thought it was Zuck being the Nazi on the left he is, who bans or stands down those who refuse to kowtow to his propaganda? But it’s you too.

Apparently it isn’t only the Zuck’s of the world. And btw.. never been in fb jail in 17 years. But leave it to you to block my comments. That’s good…. It means I hit a nerve.

I make a truthful comment to you that has not been stated by only me concerning “the blonde chick” , but its I who had the straightforwardness to say it to you. I’m an honest person ..  don’t mind d telling the truth!! “Somebody needs to tell her to calm the cackle and throat visuals, it’s gotten old and become a distraction.”  Never said laughter isn’t a good thing….until it turns on you and you become its butt.

Then you lie on air ~ Strike two against the right. You did  it say to me what you said you did to the people  (I didn’t even know it was you  writing …covered) and I did not say I could make you more successful. I said after 13 years why are still in a closet size office with only 2000 viewers?
That says many are not appreciating you.
Look … I like you two , especially DayZ …. but what’s the real point without reaching an audience you’re fully capable of reaching? How well does your product move?
When others say they “won’t watch because they can’t take the head throwing back cackle “….
then somebody should be honest with you.
I like your laugh but I get what others say too.
Then as if disappointing by your dishonesty (not a “right” chick thing to do) you put a block on my commenting (not a “right” chick thing to do! CENSORSHIP) … it’s okay … but not for you or standards.  It detaches you from the ability to talk about others who are doing the same thing in this country….otherwise hypocrisy.
Mock (so perfect)…  then you immaturely mock my name Karen … little low and childish. The name my beloved parents gave to me…. BTW NEWS FLASH ! The Karen thing died out a few months ago along with some liberals. Remember Mock you have other Karen’s in your 2000 person audience (never saw that ticker move up or down…hmmm) who may not find you amusing either,  by your childish attempt at defamation .
So I’d check that Chicks on the Right thing very closely …. Are you really?



This was my initial reaction.


And then I decided this had SERIOUS Wall of Shame potential, so I responded.

Oh Karen.  Karen Karen Karen.

Our page is kinda like our house.  If you insist on coming to our house and then trashing us/our house, why should we allow you back in our house?  How much sense does that make?  We’re not a platform like Facebook.  We’re a page on a platform.  That’s a huge difference, which I’m pretty sure if you really put your mind to it – you can figure out.  And it wasn’t one comment – you couldn’t stop yourself from commenting about your problems with us.  In our house.  I’m frankly amazed at myself that I didn’t block you sooner.

You’re not getting it.  I DON’T GIVE A CRAP if you and the THRONGS OF OTHERS you insist have a problem with my laugh, want me to stop laughing.  I’m not going to stop.  It’s kinda who I am as a person. It hasn’t “turned on” me at all, contrary to your bizarre obsession with complaining about it.  It’s part of what makes the Chicks magic continue to work, even 13 years later.  You and I probably define success differently.  The fact that you think it’s a problem that Daisy currently lives in her cabin while her house is being built shows you have no understanding of us, our brand, who we are – none of it.  And that’s fine.  You’re not required to know us any better than you do.  But that’s kind of the issue here.  You don’t know us, our brand who we are – any of it.  You must not have noticed the many people flocking to reject your opinion of us.  There were lots more of them than people who were saying you were right (in fact, I didn’t see any of those folks).  Folks who’ve criticized my laugh have always existed and we have always ignored them and I continue to laugh and we continue to enjoy more success.  More endorsements.  More opportunities.  Might not be YOUR definition of success, but it certainly is ours.  🙂

The fact that we have over 2000 viewers during our live feed at 7am is AMAZING to us.  The fact that more people continue to watch throughout the day is AMAZING to us.  If we’re happy about it, why should you give a crap?

I didn’t lie.  I paraphrased you because I certainly wasn’t about to memorize all the stupid crap you slung.  Why should I? 

You might not like that I blocked your obsessive critiques in our “house” – but just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean I’m somehow not a chick on the right.  What an absurd, ridiculous comment.  And so typical of people who get pissy when they’re no longer invited into our house.  “Oh you blocked me?  You’re definitely a liberal now.”  OMG.  Seriously.  Do better.  

But my favorite was this:  ” When others say they “won’t watch because they can’t take the head throwing back cackle “….
then somebody should be honest with you.”

You know how I know you’re full of shit and “the others” are too?  Because you watched again today.  Just like they did.  🙂

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Check yourself.


Karen is one of those people who is convinced that she is an expert at #allthethings, and by golly there is no telling her otherwise.  But Karen doesn’t understand that she is a literal CARBON COPY of the bitchy conservatives who’ve come before her trying to tell us how to be.  Liberal trolls are bad, of course, but in our 13 years we’ve discovered conservatives like Karen can be even worse.

She wasn’t finished.

No , you lied or spun . There was nothing to memorize.

We came in this morning to see if you’d do it again.

Well aware of Dazey and her temporary living conditions here in Texas. Has zero to do with the point. Pure deflection on your part. But you’re predictable in your haughtiness.

Get it straight …. I couldn’t care less that you predictably blocked my opinion of your KamalaKackle… it’s just that you’re better than that. Or maybe you arent. But I still believe you are. Hard core bravado becomes very unappealing in both men & women.
“Your house , your platform“ is supported by the “me!s” our here & your 3 minutes of any political take & 3 minutes of tictoc is not worth turning you on….

You seem to not really care what anyone thinks except you … you won’t last like that …. And that my darling is Not a Right Chick way of thinking …. It’s a Left way.

Have a great life Mock ~

“To whom much is given much is required”

I wrote her back one more time, but since she’s clearly the kind of person who reeeeeally gets mad when she doesn’t have the last word, I decided to tell her that any of her future replies would be blocked (which they have been) because I knew that would make her crazy, and I was in a “Make-A-Karen-Crazy” kind of mood this morning.

“You won’t last.”

Mmkay.  And yet, here we are 13.5 years later.  Lasting.  Do you know how many Karens have come before you trying to tell us this same kind of bullcrap?  You and the “we” you referred to coming back to “see if we’d do it again” do not matter.  Just give it up already.  We’ve always had haters and we always will.  This is nothing new.  It has NEVER MATTERED.

There was no lying.  You thought you could come tell us how to do things differently – you got called out for it.  The end.

You’re absolutely right that we don’t care what anyone thinks of us. Why should we?   People telling us to change who we are – are unimportant, unhelpful, and pointless to listen to.  We’re not going to change who we are for anyone, and if you’re a person who would then you’re  not a strong person.  You’re not conservative.  You’re not an individual – you’re bending to a mob.

So I guess you’re the one who’s a leftie.


I’m blocking further emails from you.  You’re welcome to keep sending them – but they won’t be received.

Knock yourself out.


Perhaps she wrote back.  I have no idea.  Part of me kinda hopes she did, so that her reply is somewhere hovering in my employer’s cloud or servers or wherever blocked replies hover, hanging around never to be read by anyone.  But the other part of me hopes that maybe, just maybe, she got the message – that calling someone NOT conservative just because they block your bitchy Karen ass from being able to sling further insults is a really stupid thing to do.

Obviously I didn’t mean what I said about her being a leftie.  I wish she were, so we wouldn’t have a political ideology in common, but unfortunately, she’s just a really idiotic conservative know-it-all who’s convinced she’s the smartest person in the room.

She’s convinced we won’t last.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA omg if she only knew how many people have said that already.

My favorite part was the utter lack of self-awareness:  “Hard core bravado becomes very unappealing in both men & women.”

Ya think, Karen?  Let’s rewind to how this all started.  It started with you.  Saying this, “Somebody needs to tell her to calm the cackle and throat visuals, it’s gotten old and become a distraction.”

Somebody needs to tell Karen to suck it.

Wait.  I’ll have Daisy do it.



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  1. This Karen is TOTALLY embarrassed about sharing a name with that Karen. She’s such a “Karen”! And yes, I still find those Karen memes funny. This Karen loves you, Mock and Daisy, as do many other “nice” Karens. Thank you for this amusing Wall of Shame entry. It amazes me how much energy people put into complaining about a video or podcast that they can simply choose to not watch. Mind boggling, actually. Move along, dear Karen. Bless her little heart.


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