VP Harris Answers That She “Hasn’t Been to Europe Either” When Pressed On Lack of Border Visit

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In an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, Vice President Kamala Harris claimed that “we’ve been to the border” when Holt asked her if she had plans to make the trip.

The interview was aired Tuesday morning on the Today Show.

In the interview, Holt pointed out that Harris had not yet visited the border as Vice President.

Harris answered that she hasn’t been to Europe either.

 You can read the full article from Fox News here.

Vice President Kamala Harris falsely claimed that “we’ve been to the border” when pressed on why she has not yet visited the southern border after being tasked by President Biden to handle the “root causes” of migration.

Harris’ comments came as she visited Guatemala, for her first visit abroad since being appointed by President Biden to lead diplomatic efforts to the region to help solve the massive spike in migration to the border in recent months.