Text Messages Show Hunter Biden Routinely Uses N-Word, Leftists Act Like It’s No Big Deal

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Forget abusing hard drugs.

Forget underaged prostitution.

Forget kinky sex tapes.

Forget leveraging the power of the Vice Presidency to land a job with an overseas company.

Forget leveraging the power of the Vice Presidency to get a pesky attorney general fired before he can fully investigate you.

Forget sleeping with your dead brother’s wife.

Forget all that about Hunter Biden, because Biden-supporting liberals apparently have, and they’d prefer you did, too.

But listen to this.

Text messages reveal that Hunter Biden regularly uses the n-word in casual conversation.

The n-word. You know, the one that has gotten countless people fired and ruined countless lives. The one that has become a cardinal sin in today’s racially charged society.

People’s lives have been ruined for speaking that word.

People’s lives have been ruined for typing that word.

People’s lives have been ruined for using words that simply sound similar to that word.

A professor was fired for explaining a Chinese filler word that is pronounced similarly to the n-word. Context didn’t matter.

A police officer was fired for high-fiving a man who had said the n-word previously in the conversation. Context didn’t matter.

A high school security guard was fired after an angry student called him the n-word and he responded by telling the kid, “Don’t call me [n-word].” Context didn’t matter.

A New York Times reporter was fired for using the n-word while obtaining clarification from a student about whether a classmate had used the actual word or had used the politically correct abbreviation of “n-word.” Context didn’t matter.

A St. John’s University professor was fired for uttering the n-word during the course of reading a passage from a Mark Twain anti-slavery novel “Pudd’nhead Wilson” in a “Literature of Satire” course. Context didn’t matter.

The Bachelor star Hannah Brown faced serious backlash when she was recorded singing the lyrics of a rap song that included the n-word. Context didn’t matter.

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An MSNBC anchor was fired for getting tongue-tied and accidentally combining two words that ended up sounding like the n-word. Context didn’t matter

There’s an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to times people’s lives have been ruined for using the word niggard or niggardly, which is in no way related to the controversial n-word. That’s right. It’s just a very old word that means “stingy” or “miserly.” But it sounds like the n-word to people who are unfamiliar with that vocabulary word, so people freak.

The context or intent doesn’t matter to the woke radical progressive mob when they come after someone for a speech crime. The n-word is off limits to anyone who lacks sufficient melanin, and even some who may be considered “skinfolk” but not “kinfolk” (which is equally racist, if we’re being honest). So if they’re being consistent, people should be absolutely outraged that Hunter Biden, who is the epitome of white and privileged, is casually tossing around the n-word like it’s no big deal.

And… Cue the leftist excuses.

Seriously, if woke radical progressives didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

One excuse is, “Why do we even care? He isn’t the president…” Yeah, but he’s the president’s son. And there are a ton of people who aren’t the president who suffer very serious social and occupational consequences for the actual or perceived use of the n-word. Hunter Biden is not exempt from that standard. If it’s wrong for one person, it should be wrong for all, including him.

And you want to know where he probably learned it? From his despicably racist father who was chummy with KKK leadership, has worked for decades to segregate and hold back black Americans, and routinely “accidentally” says incredibly racist and derogatory stuff.

“We already have a (n-word) mayor, we don’t need anymore (n-word) big-shots.”

You see, I don’t dare even transcribe the actual word that our President used because, unlike his own son, I would be subject to severe consequences for even transcribing that word as part of his quote. But of course it’s totally cool with woke radical progressives (and apparently mainstream voting democrats) that he, the President of the United States, actually uses the word in its racist entirety and in an extremely racially derogatory context. And it’s apparently totally cool for his son to just casually toss around the word. But is anyone surprised?

Another excuse is, “He used a “soft ‘a'” instead of the “hard ‘er'” on the end, so he obviously wasn’t using it as a derogatory racial slur,” or “He was using it jokingly and conversationally, not to be racist.” Oh, so suddenly context matters? Like how that fired communications professor didn’t even say the actual n-word, but rather a Chinese word? Or how the Bachelor star was singing a song that used the word? Or how the security guard was asking the student not to call him the n-word? Or how the MSNBC anchor explained how she got tongue-tied on the words “Knicks” and “Lakers” to accidentally say “Nakers?” Context doesn’t matter for anyone else when the woke radical progressive mob descends. But suddenly, when it’s the son of their favorite presidential puppet, context matters.

I won’t hold my breath for any legitimate consequences for Hunter Biden. The media did a fabulous job of burying the massive laptop story, so you know they aren’t going to let people know about, much less care about, their favorite president’s son committing what has become a cardinal racial sin.

But guaranteed that if it were literally any visible conservative, white or black, this story would be blowing up the news cycles.