WATCH: Terrifying Images And Video Clips Caught On Camera Of The Iron Dome Protecting Israel From Hamas Rockets

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The Iron Dome seems to be doing its job and it’s pretty cool to watch, according to The Daily Wire.

“One particular image, captured by Anas Baba of the French news agency AFP shows the rockets launched from Gaza, drawing straight angular golden lines in the night sky.”

“Iron Dome interceptor rockets are seen rising up in swirling fury, ready to bring them down.”

“One of the real challenges Israel faces right now is their Iron Dome missiles,” Ted Cruz stated.

“The interceptors are taking out these rockets one after the other after the other.”

“I’ll tell you something Joe Biden could do today to show decisive presidential leadership.”

“He could stand up and say we’re going to replenish Israel’s Iron Dome missiles.”

“By the way, these missiles never are aimed at people,” Cruz said.

“They’re aimed at incoming rockets that are trying to murder innocent civilians. The Biden administration needs to act today to ensure that Israel has an adequate supply of iron dome missiles.”

The Iron Dome is built by the Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, which describes the system as “the only multi-mission system in the world that provides a combat-proven defense solution for countering rockets, artillery & mortars (C-RAM) and PGMs for land and sea.”

From The Daily Wire:

Stunning imagery has been captured throughout the week of Israel’s Iron Dome protecting its citizens from terrorist attacks launched by Palestinian terrorist groups in Gaza.

The company adds:

The system operates day and night and in all weather conditions, including low clouds, rain, dust storms or fog. Iron Dome protects cities, towns & strategic assets, maneuvering forces, as well as ships. Iron Dome can handle multiple threats simultaneously and efficiently.

Iron Dome is economical, as it enables effective selective handling of critical threats aimed at a predefined defended zone thus reducing unnecessary interceptor launches. The system uses a unique interceptor with a special warhead that detonates the target warhead in the air. If the estimated trajectory of the airborne threat is headed towards the defended zone, a command is given and an interceptor is launched against the threat Iron Dome is highly mobile, and can be configured to defend an urban area, a Forward Operating Base (FOB), or troops on the move. Iron Dome can be integrated onto most Off-The-Shelf vehicles, and is roll-on-roll-off transportable on most transport aircraft.