WATCH: Humiliating Video Of Biden Emerges, Shows Him Struggling To Talk For 41 Seconds Straight

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Biden was fumbling on words and couldn’t seem to get his train of thought on track while speaking of the economy, according to The Western Journal.

Biden was struggling to speak simple sentences and read numbers aloud.

Biden was trying to speak on the subject of restaurant businesses and the importance they have on our economy.

It seems Biden has a screw or two loose and is not as sharp as he once used to be.

Ali Shahbaz stated, “At various points of the presidential campaign, Biden received criticism that signaled a worrying lack of awareness of speech disorders.”

“Some attributed his stutter to ‘cognitive decline’.”

“Others mocked it as one of his ‘gaffes’.”

“Still others questioned his mental fitness to run for presidency.”

“Biden’s stutter had become an open display of vulnerability.”

“And opponents showed an unapologetic appetite to capitalize on any and all susceptibility.”

“It is simply the law of the jungle. In politics, that is.”

Sen. Mike Lee of Utah stated, “I of course have no medical training and can’t diagnose a condition — especially over someone I don’t personally interact daily — but from a distance I can see that he’s not doing well.”

“Sad. And disturbing.”

Many people are concerned about Biden’s cognitive ability and question if he is properly equipped to command these Great United States Of America.

From The Western Journal:

While The Daily Wire was clearly being sarcastic with its comment, the reality is that many on the left really do wish to pretend that Biden’s constant stumbling is not a serious concern.

In November, Forbes contributor Ali Shahbaz wrote an article suggesting that Biden was an inspiration to Americans with disabilities. In it, he also suggested that virtually any gaffe Biden makes during his speeches must be due to the stutter he’s had since childhood, not a decline in mental or physical health.

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In reality, two things can be true at once. Some of Biden’s verbal stumbling could be due to his stutter, while other incidents may point to a decline in health.

Yet to the left, it’s all or nothing. Since Biden has dealt with a stutter for most of his life, that apparently means that any criticism of him must be evil.

This idea is a complete misrepresentation of the facts. Shahbaz would like readers to believe that Biden is a completely healthy man otherwise who has been wrongfully mocked for a genuine disorder.

Instead, the truth is that Biden is a man experiencing mental and physical decline who wishes to use a stutter as a “catch-all” excuse for other concerning health problems.

Beyond that, the concern that many conservatives have expressed regarding Biden’s cognitive state is not necessarily born from malice against Biden himself. Instead, it is simply a belief that Biden’s inability to communicate is dangerous both for the country and for his own health.

Some Republicans have said that they actually feel bad for Biden because they believe he is being mistreated by Democrats who refuse to acknowledge his health concerns. According to private communications obtained by Politico, Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah has expressed such sentiments.

When it comes down to it, Republicans are not the ones who are trotting Biden out in front of the country despite his obvious struggles. The Democrats’ insistence on doing so is arguably more cruel than anything Republicans have said about Biden’s condition.

The continued failure of the president to communicate effectively is not normal, and it goes beyond a stutter or speech impediment. Biden’s tendency to not only stumble, but also completely lose his train of thought, suggests that much more concerning elements are in play.