Police Officer Has Great Response To Individual Who Asks: “Are Y’all Gonna Kill Me Like Bryant?”

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This video captures the moment an individual asks a police officer, “Are y’all gonna kill me like Ma’Khia Bryant?”

To which the officer replies, “Are you gonna stab somebody like her?”


Beautiful clapback, sir.

This is the very problem with society – people are so fixated on whatever element suits them best within their skewed perception, rather than the context of reality and its factual bases.

Of course we have the usual keyboard warriors on twitter suggesting that the police was wrong for responding in such a way… but is he? I mean, factually, if there is no reason to meet someone with lethal force, then why would it be an issue?

That’s what all of this should be about in the first place, irrespective of your race – if an officer abuses their authority with an unnecessary amount of force, and that costs the individual their own life, then we certainly have a problem.

However, that’s not what happened in the Bryant case. She was literally stabbing people. In front of the cops. Sooooo.

Yes, this video went viral, but certainly not for the videographer’s intended purpose.