“Uncle Tim” Trends On Twitter In Hate-filled Response To Sen. Tim Scott’s Rebuttal Speech

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Have y’all been watching the Senator Tim Scott speech drama unfold? The progressive left is showing exactly how racist they really are, and I’m totally here for it. I’m just hoping people actually hear what they’re saying and recognize how racist it is.

Following Biden’s (air quotes) State Of The Union address (if you can even call it that when there were like 10 people there and only 11 million people actually watched it), Senator Tim Scott gave a rebuttal speech.

Here’s the thing: Senator Tim Scott is black. His skin is black and he’s a conservative. (*dramatic gasp and eye roll) An intelligent, talented, principled, successful conservative black man. And liberals can’t stand that he even exists, much less has a platform to speak out against their narrative. How dare he be a conservative with black skin. How dare he think for himself and make independent and free-thinking decisions based on things other than the color of his skin. How dare he not play the part of an oppressed black man.

But Senator Tim Scott took it one step further. In his speech, he literally said,

“Hear me clearly. America is not a racist country. It’s backward to fight discrimination with different types of discrimination. It’s wrong to use our painful past to dishonestly shut down debates in the present.”

Louder for the people in the back! Is there progress to be made? Absolutely. Are there things to improve? For sure. But is America a racist country? Well, we had a black President, we have a black Vice President, and a black Senator is the one speaking. America is arguably the least racist country in the entire world.

And my goodness, liberal progressives flipped their lids because he’s not supposed to be calling them out like this. He’s not supposed to be making such reasonable counter-arguments. So they responded with vitriol and blatant racism. It was truly shocking, but also not all that surprising because liberal progressives are some of the most racist and discriminatory people you will ever encounter.

Very quickly, “Uncle Tim” was trending on Twitter because literally thousands of liberal progressives were making racist posts about Senator Scott.

Likewise, there were countless posts calling him an “Uncle Tom” for deigning to be a conservative and balk at the liberal racism narrative. Plenty of progressives also called him a “token” and some even posted pictures of raccoons. It was horrifyingly racist.

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So tell me again who the racist bigots are?

The media freaked out, of course, because black people are all supposed to agree with white liberal progressives that black people are oppressed and that America is racist. That’s what all the white liberal progressives are telling them, and they’re supposed to believe them. MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace said of Sen. Scott’s speech,

“This is a speech delivered from a planet where facts don’t matter, which is where the current Republican Party resides.”

Wow, really? Because he doesn’t agree with you that black people are systemically oppressed or that America is systemically racist?

Joy Behar pulled a Chelsea Handler (remember how she thought she had to “remind” 50 Cent that he was black because he supported Trump’s economic policies?). Yeah, Joy informed the public that Sen. Tim Scott apparently doesn’t “understand” systemic racism.

Side note: Remember when Joy Behar admitted to wearing blackface for a Halloween costume, then said it didn’t matter and people shouldn’t care?

Apparently, an old white woman is allowed to “race-splain” to a successful black Senator in front of the entire country when that black Senator doesn’t believe what the old white woman thinks he should believe. But let’s be clear, that’s only acceptable in the liberal-to-conservative direction. The reverse is entirely unacceptable under all circumstances.

But don’t worry. Joe Biden picked a dandelion for Jill and the media is making sure it gets its due coverage. Priorities, am I right?