NYT Reports On Leaked Audio Of Iran’s Foreign Minister, Includes Damaging Information About Iran And John Kerry

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Every so often the New York Times does some actual reporting, and it’s always a surprise. I really think it’s sometimes an accident since the vast majority of their content is progressive leftist propaganda. But the New York Times recently reported on leaked audio of Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. According to the report, the leaked audio reveals that former Secretary of State John Kerry sold out Israel to Iran, while also including several other very interesting tidbits of information.

According to the Times’ report, Foreign Minister Zarif was shocked when John Kerry informed him that Israel had orchestrated at least 200 attacks on Iranian interests in Syria. You see, that’s just not the kind of thing that an American political representative should tell Iran, which is the world leader in state-sponsored terrorism, about a country that is America’s strongest ally in the Middle Eastern region. You don’t tell someone about someone else’s covert military operations.

Why in the world would a former Secretary of State and global representative of the United States discuss the covert military operations of an ally with that ally’s greatest enemy? Why would Kerry think that was OK? And why would any nation ever trust American representatives again after hearing Kerry sell out an ally like that? Also, poor old John Kerry looks like climate change is melting his face right off. It’s almost grotesque.

Unsurprisingly, the Biden Administration has repeatedly refused to answer any questions about John Kerry selling out Israel to terrorist-controlled Iran.

Watch the relevant reporter question below, starting at the 24:50 mark.

Psaki said they won’t comment on leaked audio. Why, exactly? It’s an important question and the American people (and the world) deserve an answer. So why won’t they comment? They’re perfectly willing to comment on leaked material that damages their political opponents, so it certainly isn’t that.

This damaging leaked audio comes as the Biden Administration bends over backward to entice Iran to reenter the ridiculous nuclear deal. The leaked information is embarrassing to Iran and undermines their negotiating position, especially considering the statements regarding the Revolutionary Guard.

Designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization, the Revolutionary Guard Corps is apparently overruling government decisions, ignoring advice, and making unilateral decisions, according to Mr. Zarif on the leaked audio. He all but admits that the government is not in control. And a country (like ours) might be hesitant to make a deal with the government of another nation (like Iran) when they find out that the nation’s government is being controlled by a violent terrorist organization (like the Revolutionary Guard).

The New York Times also reported on a statement by Mr. Zarif that Gen. Soleimani worked with Russia to “sabotage the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers,” and Zarif specifically informed the interviewer, “You definitely can never release this part.” Mr. Zarif further stated that the assassination of Gen. Qasem Soleimani by the Trump Administration dealt a more devastating blow to Iran than if an entire city had been wiped out.

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The Trump Administration’s precision military operation to eliminate Soleimani was highly criticized by political opponents to Donald Trump, including then-citizen Joe Biden, who continues to insist that it was a poor decision. As Zarif’s statements became public, former Secretary of State Pompeo tweeted,

“Our Administration’s exquisite strike on Qasem Soleimani had a massive impact on Iran and the Middle East. You don’t have to take my word for it, ask ⁦⁦@JZarif ⁩. President Biden still thinks it was a mistake.”

To no one’s surprise, national news networks ignored the incredibly relevant and highly controversial New York Times report. According to a Fox News report, ABC, CBS, NBC, and MSNBC dedicated exactly zero minutes to the report, while CNN briefly mentioned it twice. And there was no prime-time mention of the significant controversy on any of the major networks.

Of course, John Kerry denies that it happened.

He has to, really, because it’s almost treason. He’s certainly not going to admit to it. He has to categorically deny it all. The question is, will the media hold his feet to the fire about it, or just take his word for it?

There are calls for an investigation into the leaked audio, as well as for Kerry to resign or be removed from his position as climate envoy if the information is proved to be true.

Which makes sense, really. How can you have a politician acting as a United States representative to the world if he’s proven to be someone who sells out our own allies like that? But then again, I would have thought that sleeping with a Chinese spy while you are an elected official involved in committees handling sensitive national security information would disqualify you from holding future positions on such intelligence committees, and yet Eric Swalwell continues in that capacity.

Maybe they really are hoping that if they deny it and refuse to answer any questions about it, the media will just drop it and the American people will forget about it, and they can continue on with their agenda unhindered by pesky annoyances like the truth.