Biden Tweet Comes Back To Haunt Him As He Restricts Travel From India Due To Covid Case Surge

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The White House just announced that they are restricting travel from India starting on May 4th, on the advice of the CDC, due to the surge of Covid cases.

Interestingly, I’m old enough to remember when, on March 18, 2020, Joe Biden called Donald Trump’s incredibly timely ban on travel from China “xenophobic fear-mongering.” Here’s the tweet, in case you forgot.

Of course, the original tweet from President Trump no longer appears because his account was removed from Twitter when he was banned. Here’s a screenshot taken before the account was removed.

Here are some more screenshots, just in case you’re nervous about the authenticity of the tweet, considering the original Donald Trump tweet no longer exists.

This is not to be confused with the time that Joe Biden referred to President Trump’s more general Covid response as “hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering.” Here’s that tweet, for reference, because people keep saying, “Oh, he didn’t say the travel ban was xenophobic. He said Trump’s Covid response overall was xenophobic.” But here are the receipts. He absolutely responded specifically to the travel ban statement saying that it was xenophobic fear-mongering, as well as referring more generally to Trump’s response as xenophobic fear-mongering.

Turns out President Trump did take responsibility. He did do his job. He promptly shut down travel from an identified Covid hotspot, thus affording the United States a little extra time for preparation before the virus began to spread across the country. And now Joe Biden has to do the exact same thing because it’s the most reasonable and responsible decision to make. I guess it’s only xenophobic fear-mongering when a Republican president is doing it.

But at the time, orange man was bad so orange man’s reasonable and responsible decisions were deemed xenophobic fear-mongering, even though they weren’t the least bit xenophobic or fear-mongering. They were reasonable and responsible decisions for a country facing an unprecedented and unfamiliar viral threat.

Weird. It’s almost like the entire thing was just about narrative manipulation. Like maybe they weren’t actually telling you the truth and were only telling you what they wanted you to believe was the truth in order to get President Trump out of office.

Who would have thought.