Biden: “No Amendment To The Constitution Is Absolute”

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Uhh, so is he referring to the Second Amendment that provides the American citizens the right to bear arms? (Biden apparently believes that he’s being reasonable with gun control… let that sink in.)

Perhaps he’s referring to the 13th Amendment that abolishes slavery?

Or do you think he’s referring to the 4th Amendment that protects the American people from unreasonable searches and seizures?

Better yet, how about the 1st Amendment that provides the American people with the freedom of speech and religion?

Somehow, Joe Biden’s supporting statement was his quoting of “you can’t yell fire in a crowded theatre.” Biden graduating at the last in his class in law school makes more sense every time he talks.

I’m not even in law school yet and I know that Schenck partially overturned Brandenburg v. Ohio in 1969 regarding the scope of banned speech.

Here’s what it comes down to – you can’t exclaim something that would incite imminent lawless action, BUT, if the building is indeed on fire, you can absolutely yell fire in a crowded theatre.

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