Dr. Fauci: “Unvaccinated Children Are More At Risk Of Getting Infected”

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So, let me make sure I’m comprehending this correctly…

Children have supposedly always been the very least at risk for COVID-19. Now that there’s a vaccine for it, children are the most at risk?

Like, COVID-19 just thought, “oh, crap, they’re gonna phase me out, we better get the kids while we can” like a damn deranged middle-aged dude with a raper van.

Give me a freaking break.

You’d think with all the adults getting vaccinated that it would significantly diminish the impact for children because, if the vaccine is even doing what it SHOULD, the amount of infection should correspondingly decrease as well…

But I guess the elite’s puppet has to continue moving the goal post.

Check out what Dr. Fauci has to say here –