Apparently Kamala Harris Thinks Planting Trees Will Somehow Help Immigration

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This is just getting insulting now… to immigration, the ongoing border crisis, AND to America.

The Daily Wire reported:

Vice President Kamala Harris will finally kick off her efforts to curb the ongoing border crisis next month, meeting on May 7th with Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to discuss his plans to address the “root causes” of migration from Central America.

This “breakthrough” plan consists of exchanging planting trees in Mexico for American citizenship to somehow alleviate the impacts of climate change and poverty.

“​President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will discuss a plan to offer citizenship as part of a tree-planting proposal he wants the US to help finance when he meets with Vice President Kamala Harris next month,” according to the New York Post.

“It involves planting 1 billion fruit and timber trees, and Lopez Obrador proposed the US grant six-month work visas that lead to citizenship to workers who participate in the program.”

So, wait. You mean to tell me that we’re going to provide incentives to provide work in these foreign countries… for those workers to then flee those countries?

“You, President Biden, can finance the Planting Life program in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador,” he told President Joe Biden during the pair’s discussion on Thursday.

“The proposal is that we extend this program to southeastern Mexico and Central America, to plant 3 billion more trees and create 1.2 million jobs.”

If you’re creating more jobs in Mexico, why would you encourage them to utilize that work as a means to leave the country that “needs” it? Why wouldn’t a country want to retain such a work ethic to rebuild their own land long term?

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Another phenomenal point was shared about how easily people can take advantage of the financial rewards –

Bloomberg reported that the program has its drawbacks, namely that farmers who need cash are cutting down jungle land in order to replant the government’s trees, thereby getting a share of the grant money while actually working against the stated goal of “reforestation.”

I’m still missing the point of this entire plan. Perhaps the point is deceptive virtue for a hidden gain. In reality, instead of Mexico paying for the border wall, the US is paying for reforestation coupled with additional immigrants smushed into our already corrupt welfare system. Cool.

Or, Obrador is brilliant enough to know that the Biden Administration is dumb enough to fall for it.

“Yeah, yeah, they’re big on this BS climate control… just pitch an idea about trees and link it to immigration somehow; they’ll eat it up.”