Beloved Kids Show ‘Bluey’ Targeted For Lacking “Queer, Poor, Gender Diverse, Or Dogs Of Color”

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If you’re a parent to young children, you’ve probably watched the kids show ‘Bluey’ about a cute little blue dog and her family. But as woke radical progressives do, they have now targeted Bluey for the show’s apparent failure to be adequately diverse.

To reiterate, because I almost can’t believe it, the most recent target of woke progressive lunacy is a talking dog cartoon beloved by toddlers around the world, including my own. Bluey is a children’s show chronicling the life of “a lovable, inexhaustible six year-old Blue Heeler dog” alongside her family and friends.

Honestly, it’s comical at this point.

As far as children’s shows go, it’s wholesome, positive, and entertaining. But as I’ve said before, children are being intentionally targeted by woke progressive radicals in the culture war, so a beloved children’s show is their perfect target.

Journalist Beverley Wang wrote a piece about the Emmy award-winning and almost universally beloved Australian children’s cartoon in which she discussed her “struggles” with the show.

“Where are the disabled, queer, poor, gender diverse, dogs of colour and single-parent dog families in Bluey’s Brisbane?”

Queer dogs? Gender diverse dogs? Dogs of color? The dogs are literally all kinds of different colors, including blue. It’s a talking dog entertaining 3 year olds, for crying out loud.

Is she hoping the show will go out of its way to embrace stereotypes in order to portray certain dogs as meeting certain diversity standards? Of course that’s what she means by “dogs of color,” because the dogs are already many different colors. She means “dogs that portray people of color.” That just feels dangerous because, for example, how are you going to portray a cartoon Mexican dog? The same way a cartoon Mexican mouse (Speedy Gonzalas) was portrayed and subsequently targeted for racial stereotyping? How are they going to portray a gay dog? Not every gay person wears a sparkly pink cowboy outfit like Lil Nas X. How will they portray a black dog? Seriously, how does she think that is a reasonable expectation?

As it turns out, there are millions of different ways that someone can belong to a particular demographic without conforming to general or easily identifiable stereotypes of that demographic. I said as much in my article about BBC’s diversity chief saying that Idris Elba’s ‘Luther’ character wasn’t “black enough” to be authentic because he didn’t eat Caribbean food or have enough black friends. How racist to assume that a person is only authentically black if they eat Caribbean food and most of their friends are also black. Apparently BBC’s diversity chief and journalist Wang are unaware that people are individuals with unique personalities, mannerisms, and preferences, and not required to conform to generalized stereotypes of a particular demographic.

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When every single thing in society is reduced to identity, real people are also reduced to errant demographic stereotypes. Remember when Chelsea Handler thought she had to “remind” 50 Cent that he was black because he dared to support Trump’s economic plans, and the identity politics stereotype of black Americans dictated that 50 Cent wasn’t allowed to support Trump’s economic plan, so he must have forgotten that he was black. How incredibly racist.

But really, it’s a no-win situation. It will never be sufficient for the radical woke progressives. The goal posts will keep shifting. The approved language will continue to change. Radicals will continue to target your children through their entertainment and other interests. And you must always remain vigilant about what your children are exposed to.