Disturbing Discovery Made, Items Found In Stomach Of ‘Monster Gator’

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A grand total of five hunting dogs and several other items were found in the belly of a massive 445 lb. Alligator, according to The BizPac Review.

“Ned McNeely brought in this 12’ long 445 lb. private land gator this morning!”

“We don’t usually open up the stomach but we did today.”

“5 dog tags, 1 bullet jacket, 1 spark plug, loads of turtle shells, and several bobcat claws were inside.”

“Two of the tags were legible and one phone number still worked.”

“The owner said he had that lease 24 years ago and those were from his deer dogs. Pretty interesting.”

Ned McNeely brought in this 12’ long 445 lb. private land gator this morning! We don’t usually open up the stomach but…

Posted by Cordray's on Thursday, April 8, 2021

From The BizPac Review:

Cordray’s, a South Carolina business featuring farm raised natural beef, wild game processing and taxidermy, shared a few photos of a massive 445 lb. alligator killed at the behest of a landowner along the Edisto River, which is part of the alligator-laden ACE Basin estuary in Beaufort, Colleton and Charleston counties, Charleston-based WCIV reported.

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And while Cordray’s said they don’t usually check the stomachs of alligators brought into their shop, they made an exception for this gator because of his size, and among the contents was five dog tags.

The man told Cordray’s that he had lost a hound dog while hunting leased property near where the alligator had been killed, according to WCIV.

Alligators can be legally hunted in South Carolina for one month in the fall for those who obtain a permit via a lottery drawing.

Aside from that, landowners and property managers may obtain permits from the state to legally euthanize nuisance alligators on their property, the article noted. This task can be hired out to a wildlife control professional.

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