The Chicks And Grant Stinchfield – Together Again.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Last night we did another appearance on Newsmax TV with our buddy Grant Stinchfield.  YOU GUYS.  It was sort of a clusterbork because I forgot to take home my regular ear buds which pretty much jinxed me because I had to use Apple ones which I CANNOT STAND, and then when I got connected into the zoom, all the sound that was coming through to me from Newsmax was all garbled and doubled.  Like, if Grant said, “Hi Mock tell me what you think about dogs” it came over to me like, “Hi hi Mock Mock tell me (garble garble) about about (garble).”

So you can imagine how nervous I was to actually go live on the air and have no clue what he was actually asking me.

All that said, and all things considered, it didn’t turn out too terribly. AND YOU GUYS THEY DIDN’T TELL US WE WOULD BE TALKING ABOUT CUOMO so that completely caught us off guard.

I know we talked about wearing inappropriate t-shirts but we chickened out. The furthest I could make myself go was to wear an Actual T-Shirt instead of a blousey type shirt.  SUCH A REBEL.

We’ll be taking a one week break from Newsmax this coming week as I’ll be spring breaking, but they’ve asked us back for the the following Tuesday.  🙂