VP Harris Laughs When Asked If She Will Visit The Border Today [VIDEO]

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Gah, her cackling sends shivers down my spine with an overwhelming cringe affect.

Watch this disturbing clip of Vice President Kamala Harris, as she states she will not be visiting the border today after photos of the migrant detention centers have been making their rounds.

The reporter asks VP Harris: “Do you have plans to visit the border?”

VP Harris says: “Not today.” Then she proceeds to laugh about it.

That’s great that this is so hilarious to you. Come to think of it, I can’t seem to recall an instance where Harris was asked a question and didn’t treat it like a comedy show.

Check it out –

Not sure what she finds so funny about these photos –

So, is she going to provide a valid reason as to why she’s not going? It’s not like this is part of her job or anything…