CNN Says CDC Is “Giving Limited Freedoms to people,” As Though The CDC Dictates Our Freedoms

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

As I was perusing Twitter, I happened upon a most frightening news post. Unsurprisingly, it was from CNN.

The CDC releases guidelines giving limited freedoms to people fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Here are the rules to keep following.”

That’s so weird because I didn’t think that the CDC dictated our freedoms.

I didn’t think that the CDC had the power to unconstitutionally strip us of our freedoms in the first place, nor give conditional and limited freedoms back to us.

Of course, the CDC doesn’t dictate our freedoms.

But for months they’ve been acting like they do. And some of our elected officials have been acting like they do. And people have been obediently complying with their ever-changing demands like they do. So now, apparently, the CDC (and CNN) really think they actually do dictate our freedoms, and thus have the power to grant them back, in limited fashion, as long as we comply with their demands.

Usually, the liberal mainstream media doesn’t say the quiet part out loud. They try not to give themselves away quite so obviously. So when they do, I always take screenshots for in case that truth gets edited out later.