BREAKING: Mass Casualties Next To Border — SUV Transporting 19 Illegal Immigrants Across Border Erupts Into Flames

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported two accidents that resulted in at least 13 fatalities, according to The Daily Wire.

Two SUVs breached the border fence through a 10-foot hole that was cut into a section of it.

The fence is not part of the wall Trump constructed.

A Ford Expedition was carrying 25 people collided with a tractor-trailer and killed 12 people on impact.

Another person later died in the hospital.

“All are suspected to have entered the U.S. illegally.”

The second vehicle, a Chevy Suburban was found “engulfed in flames on the U.S. side of the border.”

19 people were found hiding in the bushes nearby.

Federal law enforcement officials determined “they had entered the country illegally through the breach in the border fence.”

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U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has opened a human smuggling investigation.

“Special Agents from Homeland Security Investigations San Diego responded to the scene of today’s fatal crash in El Centro, California, and have initiated a human smuggling investigation,” ICE said in a statement. “The investigation is ongoing and no further details are available at this time.”

“This is a tragedy that has once again exposed the weakness of those portions of the border not protected by the new wall system,” former senior DHS immigration adviser Ken Cuccinelli told The Daily Wire. “These folks came easily through an old and worn out part of the old wall protecting our border.”

Rep. Henry Cuellar reportedly “hopes the administration continues using a Trump-era public health order to quickly expel migrant adults and families, at least during the pandemic.”

“He said smugglers will likely use the shift in immigration tactics from the Trump to the Biden administration to convince migrants to come to the U.S.”

Rep. Vicente Gonzalez said, “Well, my concern at this in the recent weeks in my district, migrants who made it across the border, who even pass the line of MPPs [Migrant Protection Protocols], who were 5,000 folks that have been waiting for two years across the border, made it across the Rio Grande Valley were processed and released.”

“If that is the message that we send to Central America and around the world, I can assure you, it won’t be long before we have tens of thousands of people showing up to our border.”

“And it’ll be catastrophic for our party, for our country, for my region, for my district, in the middle of a pandemic, in an area where we’ve lost over 3,000 people in my small congressional district.”

“So, I think we need to have a better plan in place. I think asylum seekers should be able to ask for asylum and be processed in their home country or a neighboring country. And we shouldn’t have a policy in place that impulses people to make this 2,000 mile trek where cartels and human traffickers are enriching themselves.”

From The Daily Wire:

Two Democrat U.S. lawmakers warned this week that President Joe Biden’s immigration agenda will be a disaster for the U.S. and both specifically mentioned that human smugglers know how to work the system.