Biden Gaffes And Misspeaks While Trying To Say ‘Eager’ — ‘Fact-Checkers’ Race To His Aid While Others Are Fired For The Same

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In a virtual meeting of the Munich Security Conference, Joe Biden stumbled over his words.

“Look, the range of challenges Europe and the United States must take on together is broad and complex. And I’m eager to hear, I’m eager to hear, I’m eager to hear next, from my good friends and outstanding leaders, Chancellor Merkel, about her thoughts on the way forward.”

On the third “I’m eager to hear,” listeners hear a different word. A particular racially charged word. A word that has gotten a lot of people fired.

It sounded exactly like President Biden said the N-word.

Several conservative commentators caught the dangerous misspeak and brought it up on their shows, which are wildly popular despite the best censorship efforts of the “inclusive” left.

Politifact immediately “fact-checked” their videos and labeled them as false information.

In their “fact-check” about how the information in the video is false, they admit that the video footage is authentic. They just dispute the fact that the President says the actual N-word.

And whether he meant to or not, it sounds exactly like he did.

But here’s the real problem with this whole situation. The “fact-checkers” are giving him a total pass because he didn’t mean to say that word, and it just sounded like he said the word because he stumbled over his words. It’s another instance of “fact-checkers” having his back by explaining what he probably actually meant rather than what he said. He gets a free pass, and they chalk it up to his childhood stutter, saying,

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“Biden, who has a stutter, stumbled over the words ‘I’m eager to hear.'”

But do you remember MSNBC anchor Alison Morris? Last year, just after Kobe Bryant’s death, Morris was talking about Bryant being on the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team. But in an unfortunate misspeak, she began to say “Knicks” and switched to “Lakers,” which ultimately came out on-air as “Nakers,” which was dangerously close to the N-word.

She immediately offered an apology and explained what had happened at that moment when she accidentally fused the two team names, but she was crucified for her supposed use of the racial slur and ultimately lost her job. Because of a misspeak. Because she stumbled over her words and accidentally said something that sounded like something bad. Literally the exact same thing that Joe Biden just did.

And do you remember the University of Southern California communications professor who was suspended because he spoke a mandarine word that sounded too much like a racial slur? In a class discussion, the professor explained that different languages utilize different filler words to avoid uncomfortable pauses or breaks in conversation.

His wasn’t even a misspeak. He didn’t stumble over his words and accidentally say the wrong thing. He was literally explaining an example of a linguistic phenomenon that exists across various languages, and some were offended that a Chinese word sounded like a racial slur.

So when Biden accidentally says something that sounds exactly like the N-word, “fact-checkers” jump to his aid and make excuses for why it shouldn’t be an issue and why conservative commenters are spreading false information.

But when others happen into a similar situation, they are tossed to the wolves to suffer their fates at the hands of the hypersensitive progressive cancel mob.

Once again, “fact-checkers” give Biden the benefit of “missing context” to explain away a major misspeak, and I can’t help but wonder if they would have given Trump the same benefit if it had been him who stumbled over his words.

My guess is no.