President Trump’s Tax Returns, The Big Gift That Will Keep On Giving

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Here you go, liberals! The media has a gift for all you Trump haters.

The big news last week for people like Kaitlan Collins was this: A MILLION PAGES of Trump’s tax returns were released! Halle-freaking-lu-jah. Just like that, media hacks had a new way to “get Trump.” Surely, this will do it, they all said.

CNN is salivating at their new anti-Trump gotcha fodder.

Wait a minute, says anyone with their head out. Really? The media and liberals care more about Trump’s tax returns than Biden’s lucrative deals with China and Ukraine?

Yes, world. That is the truth.

The media has nothing to share with you about “President Biden-Select.” Have you noticed?

If they talk too much about Biden’s “Obama-agenda,” it will OUT more of the truth and wake up more brainwashed liberals.

So, FINALLY, they got what they’ve been wanting for months. (Actually, it has now been years.)

Millions of pages of Trump’s tax returns were magically released to a Manhattan prosecutor on Thursday, and this will now fill up the media news cycles for all of 2021. Maybe? Who knows?

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But here’s the bottom line: Because I try my best to be a glass-half-full gal, you know what? THANK YOU, SCOTUS, for approving the release of millions of pages of Trump’s tax returns. Why am I thankful?

If SCOTUS now says any elected or previously elected official can have their tax returns looked at, voila, y’all idiots. Their rule does not apply to only Trump.

At some point, we’ll all be able to see the tax returns for Joe (and Hunter) Biden, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, and Liz freaking Cheney. And the EQUAL treatment won’t stop there; it will apply to the entire swamp.


I’ll be over here waiting for the tide on truth to turn because y’all just asked for a big dose of what y’all will get. It’s only a matter of when.

For now, how many news cycles will the media and elected Democratic Socialists and RINOs talk trash on Trump’s tax returns? Do you get it yet?

These people freaking won the “selection,” and they remain hyper-focused on TRUMP. And that is true for liberals everywhere, not only the media and slime-ball politicians. Have you ever asked yourself why that is? Trump Derangement Syndrome is seriously a disease without a cure.

The Trump 24/7 negativity certainly didn’t work for liberals and the media in 2015-16. But somehow, even after “winning” 2020, they think it will work for them now.

WHY are they still going after TRUMP? Why?

But darn. Just like that, whoopsie…Biden went and bombed Syria out of nowhere on Friday. Something tells me they don’t want to talk about Syria…but that’s a topic for another article.

‘Deplorable dregs of society’ like me, who stink like Wal-Mart, yeah, those people…we know that releasing Trump’s tax returns is a gift for the future. In Trump’s game of chess, I’m sure his tax returns are clean as a whistle. Checkmate? Maybe.

I’m also sure that the Clinton Foundation has more than millions of pages of tax documents to explore if they’ve not yet been destroyed.

Speaking of the Clinton Foundation, I think John Durham had been investigating that “honorable institution.” He must be finished now because, also on Friday evening, he resigned. But don’t worry, Durham will be staying actively involved in overseeing the Special Counsel investigation on the 2016 Trump-Russia Probe (aka narrative).

Back to my glass. It is still half-full; I smell a boomerang coming.

Never forget, folks. The media never talked about Jeffrey Epstein until Project Veritas forced them out of their closets to talk about it. CC: The Lincoln Project. And remember how they buried Hunter’s laptop? Where is Hunter anyway?

Meanwhile, over in the liberal Trump-hating toxic peanut gallery, here’s a good variety of where a number of liberals are stuck in the mud of the swamp.

The delusional brainwash is thick.

Who will be next? Time will tell. Wink.